Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Josh Krajcik + X Factor = One Amazing Audition

Must give it up for this amazing guy Josh Krajcik who BLEW the judges away during his X FACTOR audition (shocking Simon even... that's just amazing in itself) along with the audience, which he got a standing "O" from! He's from my (usually sleepy... but not tonight) little hometown in Ohio, my old street even, he was my neighbor for many years, his brother Zack was in my class growing up and their mom Lisa was my Jr. High teacher and cheerleading coach (she is a hoot and so so sweet, just look at the video and see!) Watching this was a tear jerker (understatement!) seeing how proud Lisa was of her son and listening to his AMAZING voice during his audition, the combo was a set up for a box of kleenex for sure!! 

When John and I lived in Tampa, we'd come and visit Big Woo (Wooster, Oh) for some of the holiday's and we'd try to go watch Josh if he was playing at a local spot. My husband who is more of a music enthusiast than myself always wowed over Josh's talent, much like everyone who heard him did! 

Good Luck to Josh and I can't wait to watch every episode of this show, cheer him on and vote 1000x! :) 

link: Josh's YouTube X Factor Audition

link: Josh's Audition plus pre-audition work up (best quality)

(warning: if your a woman or have any sort of emotion, grab some kleenex!!)


sharon said...

Congratulations to your friend Josh!! That was one of my favorite parts of the Show!!! He was Awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

His was the best performance on that show!


Anonymous said...

wow! wow!

Sarah Gray Nester said...

I am so freaking excited and happy for him! I got goosebumps and tears during his audition lol He is such an amazing musician and really just plain ol' nice so I am thrilled that he has been given such a wonderful opportunity. His mother is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

He's magnificent! Love his look, hope they don't change him too much. I think he's so cute, and before it's over we'll be calling him a sex symbol based on soul! I'm pulling for Josh to go all the way. Can't wait to buy his first post-X Factor CD.

Pink Peony said...

I'm from Wooster too! Go Josh!