Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting All Geared Up for Halloween

I love Halloween and it just gets better and better with the kids the older they get! Here's Adrian and Preston picking out what they want to wear this year. A pirate with a light saber and a Rino911 popo!

All we have left to do is let Kellen pick out his costume and we will be ready hit up the new hood and score some candy. John and I really wanted the kids to be Simon, Alvin and Theadore from the chipmunks but Adrian vetoed that one... oh but it would be SO CUTE tho! All 3 boys remind me of those characters! 

(captured by my wonderful blurry cell phone)


Sean Marie said...

So cute! Halloween must be so fun in your house!

JenB said...

They are so funny. Gosh I need some ideas. I always love themes, but WHAT?

Biz said...

What a great way to watch the little ones' growing personalities!