Friday, September 30, 2011


Wednesday was Preston's first day of pre-school ever... and Adrian's first day of pre-school at their new school. John and I got to drop them off, it was bitter sweet! I have to say I'm very glad to have 2.50 hours of kid free time to get things done around here!! (well, Kellen sleeps during that time, so technically one kid, but a sleeping one) I have forgotten just how important that time is to me. No wonder I feel behind on everything. Here's to maybe finally catching up now. Actually, who am I kidding?? I doubt I will ever be caught up :) oh well, so it is... 

lunch on the deck before school

Preston's such a trooper. He totally bit it in the parking lot on the way in just 2 min. before this picture. I think he was too excited for school to care that he just scratched up his forehead.

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