Friday, September 23, 2011

Cell Pics Dump

Still unpacking and organizing... really fun stuff!! I'd almost rather be getting my wisdom teeth out again for the 2nd time and paying someone else to do all this. 

I thought I'd dump my recent cell pictures on here since I still haven't busted out the camera.

At our hotel in Omaha, Kellen looks a little ghost-like... really creepy. It must be that high quality camera on my cell phone. My new every two can't come fast enough!

Eating breakfast yesterday, it's wonderful that we are slowly getting used to the 2 hour time difference and back on a "normal" schedule.

I got to meet my new OB yesterday. Preston went with me. I'm so lucky he is such an easily entertained lil dude and so laid back. We ended up being there waiting for an hour and a half and of course for my first visit he'd have an emergency to tend to... lucky me.
Preston was amazing! He drew pictures and was an angel the entire time. 

At the park down the street yesterday... Adrian met a little friend who coincidentally was named Preston and there was another Kellen there too, strange, and I thought those names were a sort of unique... I guess not in Colorado!

Adrian and his new buddy Preston climbed to the top of this cool contraption, then yelled at me to throw him a rope to pull him down. I had a feeling he'd get all the way up there and then be scared to climb down. I used to be the same way as a kid, I was the one getting stuck in trees all the time. So my pregnant butt climbed about half way up and it gave him the confidence to make the journey back down.

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