Friday, September 30, 2011


Wednesday was Preston's first day of pre-school ever... and Adrian's first day of pre-school at their new school. John and I got to drop them off, it was bitter sweet! I have to say I'm very glad to have 2.50 hours of kid free time to get things done around here!! (well, Kellen sleeps during that time, so technically one kid, but a sleeping one) I have forgotten just how important that time is to me. No wonder I feel behind on everything. Here's to maybe finally catching up now. Actually, who am I kidding?? I doubt I will ever be caught up :) oh well, so it is... 

lunch on the deck before school

Preston's such a trooper. He totally bit it in the parking lot on the way in just 2 min. before this picture. I think he was too excited for school to care that he just scratched up his forehead.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Josh Krajcik + X Factor = One Amazing Audition

Must give it up for this amazing guy Josh Krajcik who BLEW the judges away during his X FACTOR audition (shocking Simon even... that's just amazing in itself) along with the audience, which he got a standing "O" from! He's from my (usually sleepy... but not tonight) little hometown in Ohio, my old street even, he was my neighbor for many years, his brother Zack was in my class growing up and their mom Lisa was my Jr. High teacher and cheerleading coach (she is a hoot and so so sweet, just look at the video and see!) Watching this was a tear jerker (understatement!) seeing how proud Lisa was of her son and listening to his AMAZING voice during his audition, the combo was a set up for a box of kleenex for sure!! 

When John and I lived in Tampa, we'd come and visit Big Woo (Wooster, Oh) for some of the holiday's and we'd try to go watch Josh if he was playing at a local spot. My husband who is more of a music enthusiast than myself always wowed over Josh's talent, much like everyone who heard him did! 

Good Luck to Josh and I can't wait to watch every episode of this show, cheer him on and vote 1000x! :) 

link: Josh's YouTube X Factor Audition

link: Josh's Audition plus pre-audition work up (best quality)

(warning: if your a woman or have any sort of emotion, grab some kleenex!!)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting All Geared Up for Halloween

I love Halloween and it just gets better and better with the kids the older they get! Here's Adrian and Preston picking out what they want to wear this year. A pirate with a light saber and a Rino911 popo!

All we have left to do is let Kellen pick out his costume and we will be ready hit up the new hood and score some candy. John and I really wanted the kids to be Simon, Alvin and Theadore from the chipmunks but Adrian vetoed that one... oh but it would be SO CUTE tho! All 3 boys remind me of those characters! 

(captured by my wonderful blurry cell phone)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The "New" Trail

I have lots of posts on here of the old trail we used to live next to in Ohio and walk/ride on all the time. Here's some pics of our new trail. The view of the mountains is breathtaking as we walked a little less than a mile to the park from our backyard. This trail goes through the entire suburb that we live in. John could even ride his bike on it to the lightrail which is 8 minutes from our house, and then it's a 20 minute train ride right into downtown Denver. I'm actually taking the lightrail tonight to go meet a new friend for dinner :) really looking forward to it!!! A much needed break from unpacking. John spent the day at the OSU backer bar downtown yesterday with our old friend Jeff from college. My turn for some adult time :)

Here's the back of the house. The trail is right in our backyard. We see lot's of little kids biking and riding their scooters to school on it. Pretty neat.

Adrian's checking out the giant grasshoppers that like to sun themselves on the path.

the walk back

and a 22 week belly shot, physically I feel more like 30-35 weeks but I think it's the effects of the new altitude adjustment and being on my feet 18 hours a day. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cell Pics Dump

Still unpacking and organizing... really fun stuff!! I'd almost rather be getting my wisdom teeth out again for the 2nd time and paying someone else to do all this. 

I thought I'd dump my recent cell pictures on here since I still haven't busted out the camera.

At our hotel in Omaha, Kellen looks a little ghost-like... really creepy. It must be that high quality camera on my cell phone. My new every two can't come fast enough!

Eating breakfast yesterday, it's wonderful that we are slowly getting used to the 2 hour time difference and back on a "normal" schedule.

I got to meet my new OB yesterday. Preston went with me. I'm so lucky he is such an easily entertained lil dude and so laid back. We ended up being there waiting for an hour and a half and of course for my first visit he'd have an emergency to tend to... lucky me.
Preston was amazing! He drew pictures and was an angel the entire time. 

At the park down the street yesterday... Adrian met a little friend who coincidentally was named Preston and there was another Kellen there too, strange, and I thought those names were a sort of unique... I guess not in Colorado!

Adrian and his new buddy Preston climbed to the top of this cool contraption, then yelled at me to throw him a rope to pull him down. I had a feeling he'd get all the way up there and then be scared to climb down. I used to be the same way as a kid, I was the one getting stuck in trees all the time. So my pregnant butt climbed about half way up and it gave him the confidence to make the journey back down.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fitting In... Denver

So we're here, we've made it to the Denver burbs! Safe and sound and no one was injured and the kids weren't psychologically damaged. The boys really seem to like the new area (probably because there are 15 parks within 3 miles of our house) and Adrian has told me "I really like this new house" about 5x. They can see the mountains from our porch and everyday Adrian's been asking me when we can go play on them. I hope soon, but I feel like we will be unpacking for days... and days! My mom is staying with us for a year thank goodness!! I don't know what I would do without her at times!! 

I think we will fit right in here. The town we are in is definitely larger family oriented and small children friendly. Everywhere I look I see parents our age with a couple elementary kids or babies in toe. Having a large family here seems much more common than the previous areas we've lived.  Even at the airport when we visited last month, we saw all these families getting on planes with 3 and even four kids. We were a little shocked to see parents with more than 2 kids attempt a flight, especially with all wee lil tots.

I really wanted to post some pretty mountain pics, but since we haven't adventured out there yet, and I can't even tell you where my camera is right now, a picture of the famous Dugger clan will have to do. This is how John see's our family after this next baby is born. He cracks me up!! But when you come from an area where I litteral only knew maybe 3 or 4 families with 4 kids or more... it's refreshing to be here where some of the families seem rather big compared to the "norm" whatever that is... like 2.1 kids??

Cool Denver pics coming soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's The Final Countdown... Part III

Aunt Amy, Uncle Jeff and Grandma Julia babysat so we could go out to dinner and have a lovely, peaceful evening with John's parents and say goodbye the night before we hit the road to Denver.

Here are the family pics we took when we got home (our temp home at Amy and Jeff's :) 

Adrian took a bunch of pictures and I love this one. It's an actual true, genuine smile... not a fast, fake, forced smile for the 25th picture I've snapped of an annoyed John.

Aunt Amy, Grandma with Kellen and Adrian

It's The Final Countdown... Part II

Well, we're half way there! This is a long trip with the 3 kids and a little nuts at times (there's no sugar coating it) travelling this distance with all of them is definitely a challenge. I have already learned that I need to pack much differently... the first night we got to our hotel at 11pm, 3 sleeping kids, 3 suitcases (since I had stuff just everywhere) and a couple duffle bags in toe. I had no clue where I packed the toothbrushes, diapers and bath stuff. It was not easy transition to our room. Needless to say, I've learned quite a bit on this first long road trip with the whole fam! Lot's of do's and don'ts for next time.

These are just more goodbye/get together pictures that I didn't have time to post this past week. 

We had a great dinner at my in-laws last weekend.
Here's John showing his nephew Kaleb the ropes on the guitar.

The boys petting their new Cousin Presley :)

Um ya, pretty sure Grandma Honey won't get all the grandkids looking at the camera for a group shot for at least a couple more years.

Little Presley sporting her new hair accessory her aunt Christa made for her :) she's a little doll.

Next gathering... 

Aunt Mikki's house for a fun and interesting "low boil" dinner! Never have done one of these and we loved it! They cover the table with newspaper, low boiled some corn, shrimp, potatoes, sausage and veggies. You throw a couple piles of food on the table and some side dishes of butter and proceed to chow down using lot's of napkins, it was pretty cool and low maintenance. I like low maintenance!

This is all that Kellen wanted to do while we ate dinner. He's obsessed with his car keys and driving. He sleeps with his keys and the other night I heard him wake up at 5 am... sit up and say "where are my keys?" since I had taken them after he fell asleep.

He's definitely full blown terrible 2's and just in time for this trip. He's quite ornery right now and a stubborn little man!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adore Them!

The boys with our favorite Preschool Teacher, Miss Courtney! She has helped us beyond measure and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. A wonderful teacher to Adrian and friend/sitter to the boys :) it's great people like this that make it comforting to send our babies to school for the first time.

And Adrians favorite tutor, Danny! She's been a huge part of Adrian's world for the last year and we will miss her dearly! I have such a huge respect for teachers and educators, these people are just the greatest!!

THANK YOU for loving our children and teaching them! We'll miss you both more than you'll know!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's The Final Countdown... Part I

Some pictures from our last time walking around the path by our house. We love this path and lucky enough there is one just like it (in our backyard) and goes for miles and miles around the new community we are moving to next week.

Pink cheeks and all (it was hot out!)

Tuckered out from running and needed a break.

Dad and his 3 little dudes.

Fake "cheese" poses for mom :) love it!

These guys could run for days! I love the picture of Preston running so hard and trying to run so fast. He ran almost the entire path, about 1.5 miles. Our little 5k partner someday?!?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Kinda Sucks

It really does.

First, for the obvious pain in the bum reasons... organizing, packing, painting, cleaning carpets, cleaning house, disconnecting everything, connecting everything, paperwork, schools, changing doctors, addresses, not having much of a life the 2 weeks it takes to do all of this and then watching my children turn into somewhat neglected wild animals while we pack, clean and paint. 

Then there's the second and most important reason... family

(only the single most adorable picture of my grandma and our sweet baby toddler Kellen :)

Not a chance I could even think of typing this post without crying. I'm such a roller coaster of hormones lately. It's a combo of moving, pregnancy and progesterone shots I'm taking. Even tho this could be a wonderful thing for our future and we're very excited, there are certain moments it feels sooo much harder to do than I previously thought. It was emotional when we left lots of our close friends from Tampa a few years back, but not like this. I feel a stronger and different connection with my family more so now than when I last lived here way back when I was 22. It's amazing how our perspective and outlook on things change constantly as we are living out our lives.