Monday, August 1, 2011

VBS for the Boys

Adrian and Preston attended a week of Vacation Bible School recently. It was their first time and a total hit. A friend of mine is a teacher at the church and she helped organize and put together a wonderful, fun filled week for the kids!!

Here are some shots of the boys during their parent/grandparent program performance on the last day. 

grandma Julia and the boys

Adrian was pretty into it most of the time, as for Preston... not so much. He's still so young and is a 
little bit "La, De, Da Dee" about most things in life right now
(except he's super serious about Angry Birds) other than that, he's just along for the ride.

Preston thought it was pretty funny that I was like the paparazzi, walking around taking pictures of him, looking for different shots. I know it was distracting for him, it doesn't take much :)

They were still supposed to be doing something here, but Preston just sat down in the middle of it (lazy babe :) then Adrian followed suit. I'm a little surprised they didn't just sprawl out and take a nap, that wouldn't have been embarrassing for me at all!?!? They just crack me up!


Biz said...

They are too cute.
I love that they just sat down, it cracks me up.
Kids personalities are so much fun!

Anna said...

I think Pandamania was the VBS theme of choice this year! I saw it at several churches.