Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Packing = Memories

Packing up our belongings is a (fast walk/run... since we have a time crunch here!) jog down memory lane.

John's band days with "Mialso" back in college. They actually even played at Warp Tour, The Odeon and Nautica... way back when. I will toot his horn for him... he's very awesome at guitar! I'm certain he's got lots of stories and good memories to share with the kids about his band days when they get older.

Not nearly as exciting as being in a band :) but I dug up an old art project of mine. When I was about 8 or 9 I used to hollow out eggs and make little people out of them, OK I was a little dorky. I entertained myself so well, I don't think my parents knew I was there half of the time. Preston has my creative gene when it comes to drawing and random crafty activities. He could entertain himself with a pen and paper for hours.

The clown has this orange soft hair that came from my old cat, Theo. Gross.. yes I know! Then there's my self as an egg on the end, the "Triway Cheerleader" complete with a sucker stick pom-pom.

 6th grade pic, big swoop bangs... the taller they were, the cooler we thought we were :) A sweet Michael Jackson lookalike shirt with a chain and some big rabbit teeth. I finally did grow into my teeth tho in high school, thanks. 

The cutest picture of John! I see a little Adrian, Preston and Kellen here. And that's where our children's dirty blonde hair comes from. I just love looking at them and seeing parts of him! xoxo

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Sean Marie said...

Hi, newest follower! Good luck with your move, I know what a hassle it can be! You have such an adorable little family. :)