Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Man Band

My father has the best retirement gig. He travels and get's paid to sing at little functions and gatherings. Enjoying his retirement days while getting to traveling and making some cheddar for doing something he loves. He plays local places and some in Tennessee and the Carolina's and I think he hopes to get some jobs out west. We went to watch him at a local little town festival. The boys loved it and thought it was super cool to see "Pa" sing and play his guitar and harmonica. 

The kids did pretty well until John went to use the bathroom and Kellen took off running one way and Adrian and Preston started fighting. I had to dart across the place in flip flops to go catch Kellen. I think I need a leash for him, he's just such a runner lately. Everywhere we go, he randomly takes off like he's running a 5k or something. 

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The Starr Family said...

Rockin' grandpa! How fun is that!

How are you feeling btw? Any better?