Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving Sale: Check!

Moving Sale is DONE!! Feels sooo good to check that big pain in the butt of a task off of our long moving/relocating "to do" list. 

It went much, much better than we expected and we got rid of almost everything we had out. Only a small load is left for Salvation Army or People to People. After the hardest part (organizing the whole thing, pricing, setting up... etc.) it ended up being pretty fun, like a reunion of sorts. Got to spend some good quality time with some of the fam that came and had some old friends stop by. It was very nice and we had the perfect weather for it. 

Here are the boys entertaining themselves at the "staged" office setting :) pretending to be like dad.

Setting up all the stuff and staging made such a difference. As soon we'd set something up and make it pretty... it was sold! 


The Starr Family said...

So a couple things... #1. So excited for you and the new baby!! Hooray! #2. Denver? For real? I loved having another Ohio blogger, let alone Woo blogger nearby! What an awesome adventure it will be and very cool that you have the flexibility to do so! I love it! And finally #3. What kind of crazy garage sale was that? :) I heard the cops showed up!!! My girlfriend Melanie went and said it was huge! Hope you raked it in sister!

Our Little Bubble said...

thanks Kate!! lot's of life changes/adventure for sure! we did do very well at our sale.. despite the cop call :)