Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the Children's Museum

Last weekend we met up with our friends Mike, Laura and their little peeps Cody & Sam at the Children's Museum in Cleveland. We all lived in Tampa around the same time and John's known Laura since college.

After the museum we hit up the Winking Lizard for lunch. Out numbered by kids, we still managed to eat all our lunch and avoid meltdowns for over an hour! and a booyah to that!! :) 

Cody, Kellen and Sam

Loved this idea! Great idea for a playroom! A cardboard tree with velcro fruits and veggies. 

The one time that Kellen and I left John and the other boys for 10 minutes... Preston got stuck at the top of the jungle gym while Adrian was making a pipe contraption that shot water out of this tub all over the floor making a huge mess. He's becoming our little engineer like his dad. Taking things apart and putting them together. It's a boy thing!

Preston thinks grocery shopping is so much fun. We'll see how he feels about it in 10+ years :)

Kellen has to do everything his brothers do. I didn't think he could make it up this, but he sure did.


Biz said...

I loved the children's museum when I was a kid, and yes I can still recall it!
I can't wait to unleash the magic again when our little one is old enough to enjoy such activities...which I'm guessing will be a while still...
Mostly considering she hasn't and probably won't make her debut until closer to October 2nd!

Jessica said...

The Childrens museum looks like so much fun! I can't wait to take my two little men sometime soon

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a blast! Great memories :)