Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Packing = Memories

Packing up our belongings is a (fast walk/run... since we have a time crunch here!) jog down memory lane.

John's band days with "Mialso" back in college. They actually even played at Warp Tour, The Odeon and Nautica... way back when. I will toot his horn for him... he's very awesome at guitar! I'm certain he's got lots of stories and good memories to share with the kids about his band days when they get older.

Not nearly as exciting as being in a band :) but I dug up an old art project of mine. When I was about 8 or 9 I used to hollow out eggs and make little people out of them, OK I was a little dorky. I entertained myself so well, I don't think my parents knew I was there half of the time. Preston has my creative gene when it comes to drawing and random crafty activities. He could entertain himself with a pen and paper for hours.

The clown has this orange soft hair that came from my old cat, Theo. Gross.. yes I know! Then there's my self as an egg on the end, the "Triway Cheerleader" complete with a sucker stick pom-pom.

 6th grade pic, big swoop bangs... the taller they were, the cooler we thought we were :) A sweet Michael Jackson lookalike shirt with a chain and some big rabbit teeth. I finally did grow into my teeth tho in high school, thanks. 

The cutest picture of John! I see a little Adrian, Preston and Kellen here. And that's where our children's dirty blonde hair comes from. I just love looking at them and seeing parts of him! xoxo

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving Sale: Check!

Moving Sale is DONE!! Feels sooo good to check that big pain in the butt of a task off of our long moving/relocating "to do" list. 

It went much, much better than we expected and we got rid of almost everything we had out. Only a small load is left for Salvation Army or People to People. After the hardest part (organizing the whole thing, pricing, setting up... etc.) it ended up being pretty fun, like a reunion of sorts. Got to spend some good quality time with some of the fam that came and had some old friends stop by. It was very nice and we had the perfect weather for it. 

Here are the boys entertaining themselves at the "staged" office setting :) pretending to be like dad.

Setting up all the stuff and staging made such a difference. As soon we'd set something up and make it pretty... it was sold! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DENVER... our next adventure!!

In three weeks we will be moving our family across the country to Colorado. We've been in Ohio now for almost 3 years and before Ohio it was Tampa for almost 7 years. Coming back to Ohio after Florida has always been a temporary move until we knew where the next phase of our lives would take us. We've had 3 wonderful years catching up with our Ohio families and old friends and we've been very fortunate to have this time with all of them!! We will miss everyone dearly!  This decision was not an easy one, but most huge life changing decisions aren't simple or easy. Thank goodness for technology... skype, facetime, airplanes and summer vacations!

 We're excited to see what this next year has in store for us. We can't think of a more interesting place to explore the outdoors, have fun and enjoy our basketball team of boys :)
The look on their faces when they see these mountains for the first time will most definitely be priceless.

Here's the story of our life for the next 3 weeks. Now... the hard work begins, a huge moving sale, organizing, sorting, packing, cleaning and just tons to get done!

Fun stuff, huh!?! The adventure starts way before we even leave Ohio. We'll be living out of our suitcases for a week, staying at my aunts for 5 days, driving 1,400 miles and staying in 3 different hotels along the way... all with 3 little ones (and 20 wks prego) is going to be quite a trip of a trip for sure! We will have our work cut out when we finally get settled. I'm pretty sure everyones schedules will be totally rocked and non existant with the lack of routine, familiarity and then the 2 hour time zone change. Bring it on... I think, no I know, no I think I'll be ready. We'll see :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pink Babies

We may not have any of our own pink babies, but we are lucky to have siblings with 2 of the cuttest baby girls! (and I'm not being bias because they are my nieces :) they are too cute!

My brother Justin's daughter "Vivian" 9 months old. She's happy, oh so happy & look at that big smile!!

My SIL Valerie's newborn "Presley" (as in a really fresh new born, like born Thursday) & cute as a button!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the Children's Museum

Last weekend we met up with our friends Mike, Laura and their little peeps Cody & Sam at the Children's Museum in Cleveland. We all lived in Tampa around the same time and John's known Laura since college.

After the museum we hit up the Winking Lizard for lunch. Out numbered by kids, we still managed to eat all our lunch and avoid meltdowns for over an hour! and a booyah to that!! :) 

Cody, Kellen and Sam

Loved this idea! Great idea for a playroom! A cardboard tree with velcro fruits and veggies. 

The one time that Kellen and I left John and the other boys for 10 minutes... Preston got stuck at the top of the jungle gym while Adrian was making a pipe contraption that shot water out of this tub all over the floor making a huge mess. He's becoming our little engineer like his dad. Taking things apart and putting them together. It's a boy thing!

Preston thinks grocery shopping is so much fun. We'll see how he feels about it in 10+ years :)

Kellen has to do everything his brothers do. I didn't think he could make it up this, but he sure did.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Man Band

My father has the best retirement gig. He travels and get's paid to sing at little functions and gatherings. Enjoying his retirement days while getting to traveling and making some cheddar for doing something he loves. He plays local places and some in Tennessee and the Carolina's and I think he hopes to get some jobs out west. We went to watch him at a local little town festival. The boys loved it and thought it was super cool to see "Pa" sing and play his guitar and harmonica. 

The kids did pretty well until John went to use the bathroom and Kellen took off running one way and Adrian and Preston started fighting. I had to dart across the place in flip flops to go catch Kellen. I think I need a leash for him, he's just such a runner lately. Everywhere we go, he randomly takes off like he's running a 5k or something. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blossers Annual Visit

Our dear, dear friends... Trevor and Jen and their boys Xzavier and Lennox stopped in for a visit from Florida. Such a wonderful visit even tho I was, and still am sick as a dog.
The kids seemed to have gotten half of our family sick in the last week or so. I couldn't hear out of my right ear due to my severe stuffy head and went through a box of kleenex within 24 hours, but the visit from our oldest and dearest friends was still great! We just don't get to see them nearly enough!!

I guess Adrian was the only one that heard me say "funny faces everybody"

Trevor is hands down the best story teller!! The kids loved him!

The kids all got along so well! It was great seeing all of them play and laugh and have fun with each other.

Here are the boys during last year's visit. They all have grown so much! Lil Lennox was still in the womb for this pic.

Hopefully in the next 5 years we'll have pictures of all these kids on a summer vacation that Trevor and John have been talking about taking their families on since they were in junior high... way before wives and babies. Some place they went to as kids. We look forward to that vacation someday!!

Denver Vacation

A view of the city from the country. This was almost a clear day. Not sure how far out we were 
(maybe 15 miles or more?) you can see so far out!

On our way to Boulder. Pretty cool postcard, right!?!

 Our view from lunch in Boulder. Very breathtaking! This sleepy, hippy, little college town was very neat!

and we even got to visit with an old friend from college, Geoff (aka "Sleepy" back in the day :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

VBS for the Boys

Adrian and Preston attended a week of Vacation Bible School recently. It was their first time and a total hit. A friend of mine is a teacher at the church and she helped organize and put together a wonderful, fun filled week for the kids!!

Here are some shots of the boys during their parent/grandparent program performance on the last day. 

grandma Julia and the boys

Adrian was pretty into it most of the time, as for Preston... not so much. He's still so young and is a 
little bit "La, De, Da Dee" about most things in life right now
(except he's super serious about Angry Birds) other than that, he's just along for the ride.

Preston thought it was pretty funny that I was like the paparazzi, walking around taking pictures of him, looking for different shots. I know it was distracting for him, it doesn't take much :)

They were still supposed to be doing something here, but Preston just sat down in the middle of it (lazy babe :) then Adrian followed suit. I'm a little surprised they didn't just sprawl out and take a nap, that wouldn't have been embarrassing for me at all!?!? They just crack me up!