Friday, July 22, 2011

Justin's Softball Game

We headed an hour away to go watch my brother's softball game. Preston and Kellen loved it, but poor Adrian fell asleep on the way to the game and would not wake up to watch it. Then of course he was so upset on the way home that he missed it! 

The kids behaved pretty well except one incidence of the duo running onto the field through a side fence entrance, (that we were sitting right next to) That was a "duh mom" moment, I should have known that would happen. 

Uncle Justin and Kellen

Here's my dad realizing how good a toddler can be for talking to chicks... LOL. As usual Kellen B-lined straight for these women the minute we turned our head. They Awwed and Oooed over him.
I might let dad take him on a grocery shopping trip sometime :)

Grandma Julia sitting in the shade trying to stay cool.

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