Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a dual Birthday P-a-r-t-a-y!

We celebrated Grandma Julia and Kellen's birthday this past weekend. It was perfect timing since aunt Sandy was in town visiting from FL. Saturday was a fun filled family cookout and celebration!

A Grosjean family picture. It's amazing that all the adults are smiling at the same time!!!
Great picture gang!!

Grandma Julia and Kellen blowing out their candles (with help from the boys of course).
I can't believe Kellen is 2 years old!! and great grandma Julia is just 65... again :)

 Aunt Sandy and Kellen

baby Viv

 super cool people.. wear super cool hats :)

 John just might be adopted... these people can't be his parents!?!? i just don't see it ;o)

 My beautiful flowers! Thanks Adrian and Mikki :)

Oh ya... and you don't want to miss.... 
There's another story to this birthday party extravaganza, but I'm waiting on just one more picture I'll have tomorrow.  So stay tuned, it's a duzzie!!


Valerie said...

You look like a super model in all of these pics! There is a certain "glow" to you as well. Beautiful!!

Mommie Couture said...

Beautiful family pics!! I'm LOVING the *hats* picture too! ;)

nicole. said...

your so photogenic do you ever take a bad photo?

super cute. love the hats ;)

Our Little Bubble said...

thanks! Oh yes, I take lots of bad pics, really! I just don't post them :)

Anna said...

Even the dog is smiling in the first photo!

The Starr Family said...

So good to see your brother, he looks great! And is that his sweet little girl?

Christa, your family is too cute and you are indeed a gorgeous mama. I agree with a comment above... you do have a glow & I'm not so certain that food poisoning had you down a while back ;)