Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!! hanging on by a thread...

This patriotic, fun, grateful, long holiday weekend hasn't turned out like I had planned. Who gets food poisoning 2x in 6 weeks... I DO! Some people are more susceptible than others and I happen to be one of those people I guess, lucky me! This has been the longest 6 days, yes 6 dreadful days, not just 24 hrs this time. Complete with 2 ER visits for dehydration and meds, after my 2nd trip I actually believe I am on the upswing to recovering finally...! I don't have time to be sick, who does?! 
I've missed so much in 6 days... play dates, John's 5k run this weekend, the Balloon Festival, a carnival and our date night Saturday :(

However, I think I might be up for seeing the fireworks tonight, I hope!

This past week, before I fell super ill I managed along with the help of our lovely Courtney to meet up with some fun moms and their cool kids for a trip to the carousel and this beautiful garden/park for a picnic. It was a perfect sunny, blue sky day, the kids ran around like wild animals and had a blast! 

Day #5 I was so sick of the poor kids being stuck in the house or in our own back yard I was hell bent on going to the park! So I rolled out of bed with my best jammies on and John took us all to the park at 8:30 am. I felt better, not physically, but emotionally/mentally just seeing the kids enjoying the new scenery and having some fun. 

an airplane 

Forced half a smile, glasses big enough to hide dark circles from 5 sleepless nights in a row, I was taking one for the team. I know... it looks I need to eat a burger or 10! Being a small person to begin with, losing 6lbs while sick is just awful!! reminds me of being in junior high and drinking tons of protein shakes so I could try to fill out the butt in my jeans... and when that didn't work there were always layered boxer shorts that would temporarily do the trick :) For the record, I don't miss jr. high or high school much.

love these boys to pieces! they are all so lucky to have each other.

John and Adrian's biking adventure. 

I hope everyone is enjoying and celebrating this Independence Day how you wish!


Kelsey said...

I hope your feeling better! Our weekend didn't turn out as planned either. Our kids got hands/foot/mouth disease (haven't heard of it before until now). Then my husband got it and his case was 5x worse! Our plans of beaches and fireworks went down the drain. I guess there is always next year! :) Hope you get to see the fireworks!

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your page. Ur kids are cute and adoreble. I love doing kids crafts they are fun. I was born with a rare life threatening disease and I love it when people sign my guestbook.

Yomaida said...

food poisoning? Oh no! I'm so sorry. However, I must say, you are too cute in your little pj pants! I love the park pics of the boys too. They are adorable!

Yomaida said...

oops! Almost forgot, I added you to my blog roll. Hope that was okay:).

The Starr Family said...

My lands Christa... that is just awful. Hope you are on the up & up! You need to get that stomach back to normal so you can head downtown to Spoon market, have you checked it out yet?

Hot Mama said...

Oh no!! Food poisoning is the worst I've had it a few times. I can't imagine getting it and still having to chase around three little men. Hope you stay food poisin free after this.