Friday, June 24, 2011

The Simple Things

I'm usually not too big on blog link ups, I have a couple favs tho. I really liked this one as it made me take time out and think about what simple things in life I love and enjoy the most lately. 
So here it is, The Simple Things in Life...

1-  I love having Adrian, our 4 year old as my alarm clock that wakes me up about 7 a.m religiously, by    pulling my eye lids open and whispering "mom, hey mommy, mom wake up" (it's so much better than a loud, annoying buzzing that makes you want to throw the alarm clock across the room)

2-  Drinking my morning coffee while playing with the kids in our jammies before we think about the busy day ahead. It's a totally relaxing way to start the day. 

3-  Watching the kids play outside after dinner while John and I sit, relax and catch up on conversations we've started and never finished.

4-  Working out or running with John, I love that we have many of the same goals and interests! (couples who play together stay together :)

5-  Watching Adrian help his little brothers and look out for them. (this happens sometimes, when they aren't fighting)

6-  Getting the opportunity to go shopping by myself, it's rare but such a treat!!

7-  Date night with John (speaking of... we need one soon!)

8-  Taking the kids to do something new and watch the excitement on their little faces.

9-  Watching the family enjoy our children when they visit.

10-  A relaxing hot bubble bath at the end of a busy, fulfilling day. (a must for moms, wives and hard workers everywhere!)

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