Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jock Please

Can we get a jock please, not a strap...ya know an athlete. John's trying to influence the boys as much as possible when it comes to enjoying his favorite sports. I don't even have to ask, but I know he'd be in man heaven if one son loved football, one loved baseball and one loved basketball. What sports loving, man's man, father wouldn't love that?

I hope a tiny bit that one of our boys is just a little metro, likes to shop sometimes and loves to have lunch dates with his awesome mom :) Even if that isn't the case, I know I'll be raising some wonderful boys into men, priming them for equally wonderful wives someday. It's a tough job but somebodies gotta do it. I'm the man mom for the job! With lots and lots of help from John of course!

Adrian kept dropping the ball before he could make it into the hoop. Poor lil dude. 

John showing the boys how to get a little hang time. Preston was not amused. 

 Kellen wants to be a big boy sooooo very badly! He pretends he's 3 or 4 (he'll be 2 next month).

Check out Kellen in the background, this is what he sleeps with, a football, a baby giraffe and a helicopter. 
Might be an early indicator for John?!?

Addendum: With all of the above being said, we'd like a smart jock :) a nerdy jock. We want to cheer on their intelectual success as much as any sport they might play in. (just read this article below today and I felt a little guilty about this post) And if they don't like sports, we will celebrate that too!

We want to raise a nerd/jock :)

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