Friday, June 24, 2011

The Simple Things

I'm usually not too big on blog link ups, I have a couple favs tho. I really liked this one as it made me take time out and think about what simple things in life I love and enjoy the most lately. 
So here it is, The Simple Things in Life...

1-  I love having Adrian, our 4 year old as my alarm clock that wakes me up about 7 a.m religiously, by    pulling my eye lids open and whispering "mom, hey mommy, mom wake up" (it's so much better than a loud, annoying buzzing that makes you want to throw the alarm clock across the room)

2-  Drinking my morning coffee while playing with the kids in our jammies before we think about the busy day ahead. It's a totally relaxing way to start the day. 

3-  Watching the kids play outside after dinner while John and I sit, relax and catch up on conversations we've started and never finished.

4-  Working out or running with John, I love that we have many of the same goals and interests! (couples who play together stay together :)

5-  Watching Adrian help his little brothers and look out for them. (this happens sometimes, when they aren't fighting)

6-  Getting the opportunity to go shopping by myself, it's rare but such a treat!!

7-  Date night with John (speaking of... we need one soon!)

8-  Taking the kids to do something new and watch the excitement on their little faces.

9-  Watching the family enjoy our children when they visit.

10-  A relaxing hot bubble bath at the end of a busy, fulfilling day. (a must for moms, wives and hard workers everywhere!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our First 5k

We ran the Akron Autism Society 5k on Saturday.
There was a huge turnout for their first one. It was a lot of fun... glad we participated!

Sara, Rachael and I (before the run)

(after the run)

John's already signed up for another one in a couple weeks. People keep saying these can become addictive. I could see that. I hadn't ran more than 2 miles at one time until this race. We were just training on a 2 mile lap. We trained a couple days a week for about 7 weeks, with some breaks and a vacation, and a little laziness on my end. I was so proud of John for being so consistent! He's such good motivation for me, I love that and him! I can only imagine what some real training for a couple months would accomplish. And for this 5k they didn't do a "token" system, I guess this tracks your exact time. There were almost 300 runners and since it was our first time we started towards the back which ended up being a disadvantage for our official finish times. But all in all it was a great first 5k experience :)

 # 94  Christa          F             28:53 total time  9:18/mile
# 108  John            M             29:38 total time   9:33/mile

Not too bad considering the last half the race was a steady incline. A much harder course than we had anticipated. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jock Please

Can we get a jock please, not a strap...ya know an athlete. John's trying to influence the boys as much as possible when it comes to enjoying his favorite sports. I don't even have to ask, but I know he'd be in man heaven if one son loved football, one loved baseball and one loved basketball. What sports loving, man's man, father wouldn't love that?

I hope a tiny bit that one of our boys is just a little metro, likes to shop sometimes and loves to have lunch dates with his awesome mom :) Even if that isn't the case, I know I'll be raising some wonderful boys into men, priming them for equally wonderful wives someday. It's a tough job but somebodies gotta do it. I'm the man mom for the job! With lots and lots of help from John of course!

Adrian kept dropping the ball before he could make it into the hoop. Poor lil dude. 

John showing the boys how to get a little hang time. Preston was not amused. 

 Kellen wants to be a big boy sooooo very badly! He pretends he's 3 or 4 (he'll be 2 next month).

Check out Kellen in the background, this is what he sleeps with, a football, a baby giraffe and a helicopter. 
Might be an early indicator for John?!?

Addendum: With all of the above being said, we'd like a smart jock :) a nerdy jock. We want to cheer on their intelectual success as much as any sport they might play in. (just read this article below today and I felt a little guilty about this post) And if they don't like sports, we will celebrate that too!

We want to raise a nerd/jock :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

is there a Michael Phelps here?... Uh No!

It's important to us that our boys learn how to swim when their still young. Just how that's going to happen is another question?!? We started swim classes a couple months ago and it started off great, but by week 3 these goofy little people just wanted to play around and not pay attention. About half the kids in class had this issue. So I think we're just going to have to look into hiring an instructor to give personal classes to all the boys together this summer or next. And Kellen was a whole other issue, he hung on me like a spider and wanted nothing to do with water coming anywhere above his belly. We've got lots to work on this summer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

411 on Yogurt

I don't do a ton of informational posts, but there's some info I deem worthy of sharing. (and thanks to my Aunt Amy for sharing!)

Yogurt is a staple food in our household. In the recent years many of our favorite yogurts have become so over processed and most of us (like me) haven't noticed.

I had no idea...

The Hidden Dangers in Yogurt

In conclusion, it's better to try to eat brands like the StoneyField’s Organic Fat-free Yogurt, and many of the Greek yogurts. I've said before Organic is expensive and often hard to swing all the time, but if it's something your family eats a lot of, it's a good idea to try an go Organic with those frequently eaten items. We actually cancelled our cable, got Netflix instead for $8 per month (for the record... YES, it's a huge sacrifice, and yes I'm still getting used to it) and we cut other corners so we don't break the bank on trying to buy some organic items. It's all a trade off, like so many things in this sweet life :) we pick and choose, pick and choose.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Le Pique Nique

Since the nice weather is here, the new favorite thing to do is have a picnic lunch outside everyday that the sun is shining. It's perfect, really! They can make a mess out there all they want to :) Then after lunch they run around like crazy manics, burn lots of energy and become totally wiped and ready for naps by 2.

Adrian's the only one that stays at the table long enough to finish half of his meal in one sitting. The other two are... run, run, play... eat... run, run, swing... eat. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surfs Up: Painted Skim Board

I haven't had much time to get very crafty lately so I wanted to add a couple projects to my "arts n crafts" link from back in the day. I will add some randomly over the next couple months. 

This was a fun project. Our best friends were decorating their babies room in a "surfer" theme, so I got this skim board, painted it to match the room and personalized it with his name. I love acrylic painting! I look forward to having more time for this when some of the kids get into school :)