Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soaking it up like a Sponge...

the recent sunny days, playing outside, nature and last week... THE ZOO!

It was a field trip for Adrian's preschool. I wanted to take all 3 boys without interrupting John's busy work week, so we borrowed Nana for the day. I like a good challenge and all, but no way could I have done it by myself! Every time we let Kellen out of the stroller, he'd dart into the first clearing he saw. And he's a super fast little man! With all the schools visiting that day, if I blinked too long my little men would be out of sight, it made me a little panicky. The boys had a blast and were very good, and an added bonus-- it was a sunny day :) I know, exciting right! I've only been complaining about gray days for 7 months now. Sorry I've been a big whiner.
Sunny days just rock! boo-to-the-yehyah!

Our sweet Miss Courtney and Kellen and some penguins.

Nana and Kellen.
The boys played for a while in the playground area, they were such dirt balls when we left. I really need to buy bulk in stain remover for these guys. Lots and lots of it! 

The garden maze behind us was neat. 

Taking a break with a fake cow and a school buddy.

so peaceful + so calm = so lovely


Jen said...

It was a lovely day, indeed! :). Yay for sun!

Valerie said...

Looks like the boys had a blast! They are so lucky to have you as thier Mom!