Monday, May 30, 2011

Atlanta or Bust

"Great girlfriends are like getting to choose sisters"
- unknown

I took Adrian and Preston to visit my oldest friend Rachel in Atlanta. It's always so much fun to reminisce and have some good girl time. We have known each other since we were 5. We lived right down the street from one another for about 13 years. Those kinds of friends are few and far between but are certainly cherished.

The drive both ways was long... but good, kids were great, but I curse the Cracker Barrel right now! I've been home for 24 hours and have had 20 hrs of dreadful food poisoning. The kind of sickness that you contemplate whether or not you'll even survive. I know it was the salad I ate there on the way home. It's the only thing the kids didn't share with me. What a welcome home, huh?!? Obviously, I have survived it and am on the road to recovery right now :)

I thought I'd take it way back with a 5th grade picture and then this past week... 21 years later! 
Rachel got a "hot-mom" Sephora makeover this night. That place is great. We could have stayed there for days... really! But we thought 2 hours was enough.

we crammed a lot of fun stuff into our trip...
we had a campfire for the boys
 we went swimming

we went to a really cool children's museum in Atlanta called Imagine It.

we played outside... a lot

and we went to Centennial Olympic Park downtown. The kids loved the fountains. I felt like we were in NY City or something, not that I've been, but imagined it might be a fraction of the likeness of the big apple.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Pictures

We got a fab deal on spring pictures by Mimi Coryell. Of course I can never leave well enough alone and enjoyed playing with the colors on a couple pics, it's the artsy person inside of me. She did a great job, it took her all of 20 minutes to capture some great expressions. I just can't get the boys to smile like this for me, I'm too impatient sometimes. The boys were wonderful for the shoot. Everyone was in an awesome mood!

I love Kellen's unique brown spec :) xoxo

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snowbirds are Back

The snowbirds aka my in-laws are back from the warmth and sunshine of Florida. I'm sure they're thinking they came back about a month too early. We thought summer started last week finally, but our state showed it's true colors once again (shocker, I know) and it was a whopping...... drum roll.... 55 degrees earlier this week. Hopefully this means our summer will just last that much longer this year! wishful thinking... and a prayer in there too :)

There was one nice hot and humid day for Grandma Honey's reunion with the munchkins this past weekend. It's so nice to have them back! 

a little t-ball lesson 

Can you say... ORNERY!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

We've been so lucky to have Miss Courtney and Ms. Cheryl play such an important roll in Adrian's education these last 2 years. He just loves school and loves his teachers, and so do we!

I had no idea what to do for an end of year teacher appreciation gift. I wanted to do something thoughtful that Adrian could help a little with. I went on-line and came across this fun idea, of course I got it from another blog which is here I Am Mama Hear Me Roar. I love this blog, she's got some amazing ideas and crafts. She's very inspirational :)

Mod Podge is my new best friend. I had never heard of this amazing stuff before. It has so many uses! I found out the hard way that I had to give the paper 2 thin coats of Mod, back and front (not brushing too hard or it will run the ink) and let it dry really good. If not it will crinkle really bad when you Mod Podge it onto the pot.

I painted some decor on the pot then I cut out the dried picture, put a little stick glue on the back and then Mod Podged it onto the pot. Then I let Adrian get crazy coating the entire pot with one good thick coating. I thought the decor on the back might be nice, that way when they are sick of seeing the "thank you" side of it, they can turn it around and whaaalllaa :) and they'd even make for a nice decoration in the class room next year.

Dry dessert plants worked great. You can ignore them for a month and they'll survive since they love drought-like conditions. Such a perfect plant for myself. Unfortunately, I DON'T have a green thumb. yet.

Adrian was so excited to take his gifts in this morning! Such a proud little man :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Grandma Julia and her BFF

Grandma JuJu and Kellen are quite the pair! they're BFF's :)
When grandma goes home, Kellen say's "where grandma julia go?" 
like 10x, and it's still cute the tenth time too!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Date Night with the ladies!

Every now and again it's just a must! 
Girls night with great friends, great sushi, great wine and lots of laughs!!

xoxo ladies :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soaking it up like a Sponge...

the recent sunny days, playing outside, nature and last week... THE ZOO!

It was a field trip for Adrian's preschool. I wanted to take all 3 boys without interrupting John's busy work week, so we borrowed Nana for the day. I like a good challenge and all, but no way could I have done it by myself! Every time we let Kellen out of the stroller, he'd dart into the first clearing he saw. And he's a super fast little man! With all the schools visiting that day, if I blinked too long my little men would be out of sight, it made me a little panicky. The boys had a blast and were very good, and an added bonus-- it was a sunny day :) I know, exciting right! I've only been complaining about gray days for 7 months now. Sorry I've been a big whiner.
Sunny days just rock! boo-to-the-yehyah!

Our sweet Miss Courtney and Kellen and some penguins.

Nana and Kellen.
The boys played for a while in the playground area, they were such dirt balls when we left. I really need to buy bulk in stain remover for these guys. Lots and lots of it! 

The garden maze behind us was neat. 

Taking a break with a fake cow and a school buddy.

so peaceful + so calm = so lovely

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Shot Out to the Mom's

Happy Mother's Day to our Wonderful Mother's!
John and I are very lucky to come from two wonderful, strong, supportive, beautiful, loving mother's!! We love and appreciate you more than you both could imagine! 

So I began my search for old school pics of John and I with our mama's. What do ya know... the very first pics I found (and my picture's are a hot mess, all over the house, in boxes, under beds, in the basement, randomly scattered, and on my organizing "to do" list!) were these two pics. PERFECT!!! And how funny, they must have went to the same place (not likely since they lived many miles apart), they had the same Farrah Fawcett hair, lighter than their natural dark hair color, the same pose, and the same backgrounds. Huh, maybe back then there was only one option-- a red toned picture with a bushy tree in the background?!?! sweet!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, aunts, sisters, grandma's, great grandma's and any woman that is a positive influence for all the little people :)

Terri and John 1979

LuAnn and Christa 1980

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once Upon a Bright Sunny Day

Uh ya, not so much lately... it seems like sunny days are few and far between here. The majority of our days have been wet, gray, and just plain gloomy. Oh yes, then I remember back as to why I moved to FL almost 10 years ago-- the sun!!! There's just one benefit to all these gray days... we will never, ever take a sunny one for granted. True that people!! We'll cherish it like no other and we'll suck it up and soak it up-- that my friends is a fact!

Two weeks ago on one of those rare sunny days that we pray for, we took the kids out allll day long. 
Here's looking back at that beautiful, luminous, 70 degree, perfect weather day. 

we had lots of fun and we.... 

jumped for joy that it was nice out

picked dandelions 

played soccer and inspected weeds and bugs

we ran around

 and ran some more

we hit up the slides 
(Kellen carried a ball around the entire day, John's optimistic we'll have a jock in the family)

and hung out on the junglegym 

We are anxiously awaiting the next sunny day! :)