Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend & beads booyah

It was a great Easter weekend! We had a lovely family dinner at my aunt Amy and uncle Jeff's and of course I forgot my camera. John makes fun and tells me that I can't take pictures of everything and catch allll of it, allll the time. Oh, but I will certainly try sir! 

Here are the kids following the path of eggs that are leading them to their hidden Easter baskets. This was John's favorite Easter memory, his parents would hide their baskets when they were little and he said he had so much fun searching for it... so we continue the tradition :) And the kids of course loved it too!

Seriously... Kellen's facial expressions are absolutely priceless here as he's finding these eggs!
 what a nut!

and the bunny brought lots of goodies

and we relaxed 

and then we made some bracelets for the Craft Hope Project. Preston was so into it. 
He's so much like his mom!

Adrian's photography skills are pretty good for a 4 yr old. 

the project doesn't end until June, so we'll shoot to make 10 or 15 more by then. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and spent it with loved ones enjoying the blessed day!


Jen said...

danny got a scooter, too! can now be seen whizzing through the house on it, slamming it into walls and tall trash cans. ain't life grand? :)

Anna said...

So nice that you can get the kids involved in Craft Hope! I haven't even started making bracelets yet. I might try something involving fabric since I have so darned much of it, heh.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Belated Easter looks like the kids had a blast !! great pictures and maybe I'll get my little boy to get into some crafting over the weekend when he's with me.

Gertrude said...

Aww the kids are adorable! We do not have that tradition in Malta, and I would love to do it when I'll have my own kids one day.

Michele said...

Sweet photos! Those are pretty impressive photo skills for a 4-yr-old!