Thursday, April 21, 2011

Craft Hope: Bracelets

My friend Anna who sews a lot, turned me onto this website Craft Hope. They do all sorts of different "crafty good cause" projects and not all of them require sewing (thank goodness, since I can't sew a lick... yet!) this next project is right up my alley. I used to love to make bracelets back in the day. 
It's been far too long since we've completed a project for Craft Hope, this last one was almost a year ago for the Oil Spill Relief. (and required no sewing from me :)

This one will be fun to get the kids involved in, they will love to string some beads! The bracelets that are made will be given to orphans in Russia.

So if you've got a big heart and a couple minutes... 

details here:

The deadline for this project is June 15, 2011

Please mail completed bracelets to:
Carin Vogelzang
630 Griswold SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507


Kimberly said...

I've never heard of this until now. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely interested in contributing so I'm going to check out that site now!

A Hootie Hoot said...

What a neat idea! I had never heard of it before.

I'm going to pass this information along to my friends and try to get more people involved.

Thanks for sharing!