Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Trade Off

Here's the trade off for losing the binky-- Preston now sleeps with about 8 stuffed animals and 3 blanky's. He knows if one is missing too!! Of course we have to send out the search party if that happens.

Not to mention, he finds it necessary to carry all of these new friends around... including his pillow (and it's me lugging most of this stuff) out into the living room each and every morning. Then back to the bedroom for a nap, then again at bedtime. 

It's much better than being insanely hooked on the bink. I will take this trade off-- happily :)
And his little frog in the middle, that's what he calls his "baby" now. How sweet is that?!?!
Thanks Xzavier! Preston is taking wonderful care of your froggy :) Preston even gave it a bath today in the toilet! The kids were undressing for baths, I turn around to find Preston dunking the frog in the (luckily) pee-free toilet, saying "my baby's dirty and needs a bath too".  Baby is now spending the evening in my washing machine.

Kids are such a riot!!!


Ms. Sarah said...

We have had that issue as well. We took to carrying cars around over the binki. They knew that the blankets and pillow didn't come out of the bed. THough if you could see some of the outfits we gave into...

kebowman said...

i'm awarding you! head over to my blog to see! :)