Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Roid-Berry

Adrian found this crazy, huge, fist-like, wonky strawberry in our batch (obviously not organic) it was probably genetically engineered in a basement somewhere, being pumped with roids and pesticides?!? Who knows??

I know the tips-- it's not recommended we buy produce when it's not in season, after seeing our roid-berry I might start listening to that advice.

Organics: expensive, yes, but worth it I'm sure! Now I need to practice more what I preach and not be lazy and just hit up the store 2 or 3x a week since winter organic produce seem to rot in 2 days. says: The traditional strawberry season is from June until mid August, but new farming methods (hmm... extra doses of pesticides, roids & dyes perhaps?) extends it from April until mid December.

the wonky paw


Jen said...

wow!! that's huge!!

Lara Davis Barnett said...

I actually got in a fight with a roommate about strawberry season. I'm from CA and it's in March, she's from Missouri and says it's in August. Who knows anymore?
Maybe the roid-berry is just a result of freak mutation and not pesticides? Maybe?
Did you eat it?

Our Little Bubble said...

it looked like 3 strawberries grew into one. and yes, we ate it and lived to tell about it :) we'll try the organic route next week.