Friday, March 4, 2011

My Boys

They're growing up way too fast!! I wish I could pause these moments and make them last just a little bit longer.

This is Kellen's "cheeeeeeese" pose.  I was hoping for a bigger smile :)

Viva la lashes Preston - kids always have the longest most beautiful eye lashes

 I asked Adrian to make a sad face and here it is above, I was laughing so hard! his pouty lip is huge.

kiss... kiss... xoxo

and no surprise here, the biggest boy didn't feel like a photo shoot.


Biz said...

I hope I can someday capture pictures this precious when I have little ones!
I've only heard that the years fly by and if that is true than these years are a precious commodity!
Have a Blessed Friday!

Valerie said...

Can not believe how big they are all getting! The pic of Adrian's pouty lip is so precious! Give them all a big hug and kiss from Aunt Val & Cousin Kaleb. Miss and Love you guys!

Danna said...

I love the pics! So much fun!

Kelly L said...

I have girls - Your sons are gorgeous! Following from BHF! Your newest stalker.
I've Become My Mother
Kelly's Ideas
Amazing Salvation

One Cheap Mama said...

I've just been thinking about how much I will miss it when my son doesn't wear jammies anymore. I'm afraid I'll wake up one day and he'll say he's too old for matching pajama sets. I love this age and your boys are ADORABLE!

Hot Mama said...

Your boys are so cute!! I still can't believe my son just turned one a few weeks ago and my next little man is due in just 13 weeks!!

Mollie said...

You have such a beautiful family! Happy Weekend Wander!

b. lee said...

sweet pics * it's scary how fast they grow * bittersweet ;)

Shannon said...

So presh, but I completely agree, they simply grow up too fast! I cry each time my 19 month old outgrows another set of clothing! :)

Hope you have a great weekend! Your blog is so fun!



Breanna said...

Your boys are absolute dolls!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ross said...

Some great pictures here. And sometimes you even get that one you didn't expect. I think that may have been the pouty lips!! Keep up the great posts.

Amy Tranter said...

Great pics of each of them individually, Christa!! Gosh, so love what you've done w/ the blog and the fact that you do blog!! My last update was months ago. :(
Just watched the "more" video too w/ Kellen - my goodness he's so big!! :)

lovin and missin you all!t