Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy McDaddy

I've been playing "Mommy McDaddy" this past week. John's been on a trip for work and I can't wait for him to return tomorrow. And not just for the obvious reasons, like being a mom-slash-dad to 3 little children is a lot of work, or that I sleep with a massive rolling pin for protection when he's away... 
but because I miss this face! 

Last week we took updated pics for profile stuff (yes, nerds here!) which turned out to be a funny photo shoot. 
I'd totally buy a used car from this guy, or some insurance, or whatever he's trying to sell here :)

And I bet he will be just thrilled that I put this picture up.

Plus: dad makes the best jungle gym... ever.
Trying to take a nap and still entertaining Kellen with a bubble cheek to pop... that's a dedicated dad!


Melanie McFadden @ TMD and CGW said...

Love it! I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Jen said...

dedication, indeed! hope you get a break soon!! :)

Anna said...

I sleep with a Maglite next to the bed when Ed is gone. Dottie will protect me, right?