Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little P is 3!!!

Preston turned 3 Friday! Happy Birthday!!
He got a playhouse, not to be confused for a girls dollhouse! John was a little concerned about this. Boys have these, don't they? This house is manly, there's no pink and no girly decor up in it. 

Nana Construction Inc. was the builder we went with for this project (she was thrilled :) building this house from scratch, microscopic nails, wood glue and teensy shingles. I think nana logged in 10+ hours. That's what our parents are for, right?!? 

and this is why we knew the boys would love this
 So it was inevitable that we'd get one for them eventually. And the roll playing is great, their imaginations are so funny to watch in action! Adrian has his little man keep complaining that there's not a bathroom... lol (we're filling up the house slowly)

We met some of the family at the local play place, played lots of games and wore the kids out! Poor Adrian had to stay at home tho, he had a high temperature all day, but he got to enjoy the playhouse before anyone else did, so he wasn't too upset about it. 

John broke the ticket machine... wtg dad! 



b. lee said...

awesome "manly" dollhouse! too cool * Happy big 3 to ur Preston :)

Mikaela said...

Happy Birthday Preston! We need to see to see you guys soon! xoxo

The Starr Family said...

Happy Birthday to him... and I LOVE that you got him a bachelor pad for all his men! Excellent idea!

Hot Mama said...

Happy Birthday!! The playhouse is very manly!

Becky said...

Oh my god, someone you know made that!? It's awesome. My son would love it :)

Our Little Bubble said...

thanks for Preston's birthday wishes :) xoxo

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Preston! Aunt Val has your card sitting on her desk still! You know I am always good for sending it out at least a week late! I promise that by the time you are 5 I will be better with getting it out on time.

So Lulu made that house? That is incredible! I want one! It looks like so much fun!