Monday, March 28, 2011

It's our Anniversary!!

When I say the words out loud, "It's our anniversary" that super old school song by, Toni Tony Tone gets stuck in my head. It's awfully annoying! 
John and I celebrated the big 5 year this last week and of course squeezed in a date night this weekend to celebrate!! We had great food, great beer and wine and GREAT company of course- us :) It was nice and relaxing like an anniversary date night should be! 

Seems like just yesterday... lol, isn't that what everybody says?! :) 

Here are a couple blast from the past pics. 
These were 7 years ago, one of our first real date nights out with friends. We ended up going to a gay club in Tampa with a bunch of people. We had a blast and John was such a good sport, I realized how laid back he was then... and I loved that! and still do, we seem to balance each other out.

Posing before another one of our first dates. John was always waiting on me to get ready, shocker!! Some things never change! :)
He'd pass the time by snapping pictures. 

my poor neck... can we say-- too much sun for me. Of course back then, A. there was no such thing as too much pool time and beach time (especially living in Florida!), and B. I would never have thought about skin cancer back then. I have now learned what SPF is and a spray tan.


Biz said...

Happy Anniversary!
How awesome to celebrate your 5 year!
We are a few weeks shy of our 7 year anniversary.
It's such a blessing to be married to your best friend and the man you know God intended for you!
Have a Blessed day!

Our Little Bubble said...

thank you... you are very right! :)

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Just found your blog on the lemonadeblogs. I look forward to reading about your journey~Michelle

The Starr Family said...

Look at you young kids... can you believe how fast life changes? You are one person when you marry and wakeup years later to discover you've actually gained wisdom, mommy weight, and more love for your hubs than ever imaginable.

Congrats girl!

Our Little Bubble said...

thanks Kate! oh yes, it changes in the blink of an eye!

Valerie said...

Congrats to you and John! It seems like those 5 years really flew by! Whoever knew moving to Fla on a whime would end you up with 3 beautiful babies and an awesome marriage! I am so happy he found you! :)