Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hooked on...

the BINKY! 

Preston and Kellen's addiction to the pacifier had gotten bad. We knew it was time for an intervention. Preston used to only have one when he slept. Then it turned into a morning binky fix, then an afternoon binky fix... and the next thing I know he's got a binky in his mouth 80% of the day. Which is totally my fault for letting it happen, but it was like it happened so gradually I barley noticed?!?! 

And Kellen is still a baby so he just had one when he felt like it - we let babies do whatever they want till about age 2 :) My plan was to be done with binkys at about 2 to 2 1/2. Preston turns 3 next month-- I'm behind.
I realized I couldn't take one without taking the other, P would just steel K's so it was cold turkey for both.

we are binky free for 7 days now-- and it was much easier than I anticipated!

No more binky's, no more steeling binky's, no more losing binky's, no more fighting over binky's, no more remembering to bring the binky, i love it! 
(it's the small things :)


The Starr Family said...

I remember my Lexi crying from her crib... BINKY! She was 16 months when we worked her off it, and it was terrible.

And then Luke wouldn't take one, despite all efforts. Go figure.

Hard to take it away when they look so sweet (and baby) with it, way to go mama.

Hot Mama said...

Yay!!! So glad it was an easy transition! Glad your house is binky free.

b. lee said...

congrats on 7 days of no binks :D my littlest went from bink to thumb ... oh well * *

Biz said...

I can't imagine, but I'm happy to hear they are handling it well!

Jen said...

We had danny trade his for some thomas trains. Gave the chick behind the counter at barnes and noble a plastic baggie filled with binkies and made a "trade" while i quietly swiped my credit card. He asked about it for a day, and then forgot all about it. He did, however, sleep with the trains for a few months. And not just the trains, but a whole bucket of trains. Thanks for reminding me about it... I love remembering back to the baby days. :)

Our Little Bubble said...

thanks! I'm glad I didn't wait much longer, I know it would have just gotten harder. Jen, that was an awesome idea. luv it! I have noticed that now Preston has to sleep with 10 stuffed animals and 2 blanky's that he drags all over the house now. I'm sure a comfort thing :)

Mikaela said...

Totally impressive to get 2 off the bink at the same time! Today marks one week since noah has been without his bottle... what a relief to be done with that!

Ps.....looooove your diaper cakes... might be asking for your advice on these soon I have a shower to go to in a few months and this would be perfect!

tia said...

paci's are hard to take away. I have limited my son to having it only at night and eventually none at all. He turned 3 last month. It is hard to take away something that is so attached to them but we have to do it- I wish I hadn't given it to him to start with. I took my daughters away at two, cold turkey before my son was born. She handled it kind of okay, she had them hidden in places my husband and I had no idea about. She would pop out of nowhere with a paci in her mouth, and we'd look at eachother, grinning saying "secret stash" She eventually forgot about them and had no interest in them when she saw her little brother had one.

Good luck!