Friday, March 11, 2011

Fam time at Grandma Madeline's

The kids took their Great Grandma Madeline some pizza last weekend and we had a very nice visit. 
However, Kellen's MIA in the pics. We didn't bring him since it's just easier sometimes to avoid the extra... "stop-- no", "don't touch that", "put that back", "please don't climb on that" those who know toddlers know exactly what I'm saying here. 
Not always, but somedays... it's just necessary to avoid certain potential fiasco's :)

she looks great! 

John, Adrian, Madeline, Preston and Cousin Rob

she's so teeny tiny. my 5' 2" self... feels like a giant next to her petiteness.

Madeline and John 

A back in the day pic of John's grandparents-- good looking couple!
I'll need to update it with a nice scanned version sometime. I know... lame I took a pic of a pic, that's why the quality is stunning and you can see major glare along with my camera in the background :)

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Mommie Couture said...

Sooo adorable! I love your little fam! :)