Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diaper Cakes

I spent yesterday helping a friend make a diaper cake for a babyshower. I feel like I don't get too much time to get crafty and do projects these days... so I thought I'd add these to the "arts & craftiness" part of my blog-- then I can look back and remember that I used to get a little crafty :) 

Here's my diaper cake collection. so far...

these last 2 cake pics where taken by this amazing RockStar photographer: Jerry McGaghey

There are so many tutorials on-line! (I'm really not a good tutorial giving type of person :)

Here are some basics of how I start. I take a giant rubber band and then add the rolled diapers inside of it, to make the layers as wide as you'd like-- sometimes I use a bottle in the middle to start with and add around it. I stick the bamboo sticks in after I have the 3 layers in place- it keeps the layers from shifting.
Also, it's important to add the ribbon around the layers last! after you stick in all your goodies. 

I love to add flowers-- it really fantsy's it up. And my friend added an ingredients list to hers, so the receiver would know what little gifts were in the cake.

The easiest items I've found to use for these cakes are: 
washcloths, bibs, clippers, onesies, small lotions, diaper cream, combs, brushes, hats, glasses, spoons, small rattles, a small book, bottles, pacifiers, bottle brushes, hand sanitizer, wrist rattles, baby girl headbands and then the clip on flowers you can clip on the ribbon for decoration & it looks so cute!


Anonymous said...

I love diaper cakes! Those are so awesome. You definitely know what you're doing :] My mom made me a super cute diaper cake for my baby shower. Love them :]

Ps, I fixed it. YAY :) The reason was because after it was resized I forgot to flatten the layers. Simple as that :]

The Starr Family said...

Now I am just so impressed.. seriously? These are adorable! Functional and so sweet... love it.

Kimberly said...

I'm impressed! These look gorgeous!!! And all those little extra goodies add so much to it! Great job!

Nicole said...

Very cool. I have to say that I have never done a diaper cake, but they are adorable!

kebowman said...

so cute! they look so so good! your blog is adorable! i love it!

Bridey said...

Love these! I'm going to use your idea for BJ's sister's shower in April. Fantastic - thanks for sharing!

ediapercakes said...

I just love how busy your diaper cakes are!