Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Roid-Berry

Adrian found this crazy, huge, fist-like, wonky strawberry in our batch (obviously not organic) it was probably genetically engineered in a basement somewhere, being pumped with roids and pesticides?!? Who knows??

I know the tips-- it's not recommended we buy produce when it's not in season, after seeing our roid-berry I might start listening to that advice.

Organics: expensive, yes, but worth it I'm sure! Now I need to practice more what I preach and not be lazy and just hit up the store 2 or 3x a week since winter organic produce seem to rot in 2 days. says: The traditional strawberry season is from June until mid August, but new farming methods (hmm... extra doses of pesticides, roids & dyes perhaps?) extends it from April until mid December.

the wonky paw

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's our Anniversary!!

When I say the words out loud, "It's our anniversary" that super old school song by, Toni Tony Tone gets stuck in my head. It's awfully annoying! 
John and I celebrated the big 5 year this last week and of course squeezed in a date night this weekend to celebrate!! We had great food, great beer and wine and GREAT company of course- us :) It was nice and relaxing like an anniversary date night should be! 

Seems like just yesterday... lol, isn't that what everybody says?! :) 

Here are a couple blast from the past pics. 
These were 7 years ago, one of our first real date nights out with friends. We ended up going to a gay club in Tampa with a bunch of people. We had a blast and John was such a good sport, I realized how laid back he was then... and I loved that! and still do, we seem to balance each other out.

Posing before another one of our first dates. John was always waiting on me to get ready, shocker!! Some things never change! :)
He'd pass the time by snapping pictures. 

my poor neck... can we say-- too much sun for me. Of course back then, A. there was no such thing as too much pool time and beach time (especially living in Florida!), and B. I would never have thought about skin cancer back then. I have now learned what SPF is and a spray tan.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little P is 3!!!

Preston turned 3 Friday! Happy Birthday!!
He got a playhouse, not to be confused for a girls dollhouse! John was a little concerned about this. Boys have these, don't they? This house is manly, there's no pink and no girly decor up in it. 

Nana Construction Inc. was the builder we went with for this project (she was thrilled :) building this house from scratch, microscopic nails, wood glue and teensy shingles. I think nana logged in 10+ hours. That's what our parents are for, right?!? 

and this is why we knew the boys would love this
 So it was inevitable that we'd get one for them eventually. And the roll playing is great, their imaginations are so funny to watch in action! Adrian has his little man keep complaining that there's not a bathroom... lol (we're filling up the house slowly)

We met some of the family at the local play place, played lots of games and wore the kids out! Poor Adrian had to stay at home tho, he had a high temperature all day, but he got to enjoy the playhouse before anyone else did, so he wasn't too upset about it. 

John broke the ticket machine... wtg dad! 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Best Things in Life are...

Not always free... but our kids now :)... they're worth every penny!! I was just looking at the estimated figures for raising a child and stopped since it made me choke. But I have to say... as we get older I think our priorities change. I know mine have changed much more than I ever thought they could. We realize what really matters to us and what doesn't anymore (at least for the time being). And then as we get even older, I'm certain those priorities will change again and again. 
And so... we have, ever evolving priorities. Today while the little people nap-- my immediate priorities are laundry, organizing my unbelievably cluttered desk, getting tax stuff together and returning some phone calls. When the priorities are really fun like these, I like to procrastinate! Not that I have time to-- but I'm a work in progress :)

John says he looks like a little French boy in this pic.

Kellen's senior picture :) 

Enjoying their breakfast necklaces from the Blosser's. Thanks X! Yumo!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Trade Off

Here's the trade off for losing the binky-- Preston now sleeps with about 8 stuffed animals and 3 blanky's. He knows if one is missing too!! Of course we have to send out the search party if that happens.

Not to mention, he finds it necessary to carry all of these new friends around... including his pillow (and it's me lugging most of this stuff) out into the living room each and every morning. Then back to the bedroom for a nap, then again at bedtime. 

It's much better than being insanely hooked on the bink. I will take this trade off-- happily :)
And his little frog in the middle, that's what he calls his "baby" now. How sweet is that?!?!
Thanks Xzavier! Preston is taking wonderful care of your froggy :) Preston even gave it a bath today in the toilet! The kids were undressing for baths, I turn around to find Preston dunking the frog in the (luckily) pee-free toilet, saying "my baby's dirty and needs a bath too".  Baby is now spending the evening in my washing machine.

Kids are such a riot!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Friends... Melissa & Doug: colored sand

We love Melissa & Doug Stuff! 

The boys had a great time making their sand jar creations this week.

Next time I'll DIY it :) and go to the dollar store and buy some jars and dye some salt or sand (instructions below) with food coloring and do this project again.
When the kids were done, I used Monkey Glue to make sure those lids were never coming off! :)

How to Make Colored Sand

1- Divide your sand equally into bowls.
2- Add water to each bowl until the sand is submerged, but no more.
3- Add food coloring or dye to each bowl and stir, let sit for one hour. (or longer if you want the color to be darker)
4- Pour out the water and spread sand on a flat surface and allow it to dry.

Colored Salt

1- Use regular salt or I think rock salt would look cool too.
2- Put your salt in a baggy with a couple drops of food coloring.
3- Mix in baggy. 
4- After mixed, open bag and let it dry out for a day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy McDaddy

I've been playing "Mommy McDaddy" this past week. John's been on a trip for work and I can't wait for him to return tomorrow. And not just for the obvious reasons, like being a mom-slash-dad to 3 little children is a lot of work, or that I sleep with a massive rolling pin for protection when he's away... 
but because I miss this face! 

Last week we took updated pics for profile stuff (yes, nerds here!) which turned out to be a funny photo shoot. 
I'd totally buy a used car from this guy, or some insurance, or whatever he's trying to sell here :)

And I bet he will be just thrilled that I put this picture up.

Plus: dad makes the best jungle gym... ever.
Trying to take a nap and still entertaining Kellen with a bubble cheek to pop... that's a dedicated dad!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Extreme Grocery Cart Racing

Uncle Jeff wipping thru the house with the boys. 
It's always a pleasure when family stops by to wear the boys out a bit. 
Uncle Jeff does this very well :) 

Adrian looks freaked out, like he's about to be run over... no one was hurt, I promise.

Keno enjoyed a ride too :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fam time at Grandma Madeline's

The kids took their Great Grandma Madeline some pizza last weekend and we had a very nice visit. 
However, Kellen's MIA in the pics. We didn't bring him since it's just easier sometimes to avoid the extra... "stop-- no", "don't touch that", "put that back", "please don't climb on that" those who know toddlers know exactly what I'm saying here. 
Not always, but somedays... it's just necessary to avoid certain potential fiasco's :)

she looks great! 

John, Adrian, Madeline, Preston and Cousin Rob

she's so teeny tiny. my 5' 2" self... feels like a giant next to her petiteness.

Madeline and John 

A back in the day pic of John's grandparents-- good looking couple!
I'll need to update it with a nice scanned version sometime. I know... lame I took a pic of a pic, that's why the quality is stunning and you can see major glare along with my camera in the background :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hooked on...

the BINKY! 

Preston and Kellen's addiction to the pacifier had gotten bad. We knew it was time for an intervention. Preston used to only have one when he slept. Then it turned into a morning binky fix, then an afternoon binky fix... and the next thing I know he's got a binky in his mouth 80% of the day. Which is totally my fault for letting it happen, but it was like it happened so gradually I barley noticed?!?! 

And Kellen is still a baby so he just had one when he felt like it - we let babies do whatever they want till about age 2 :) My plan was to be done with binkys at about 2 to 2 1/2. Preston turns 3 next month-- I'm behind.
I realized I couldn't take one without taking the other, P would just steel K's so it was cold turkey for both.

we are binky free for 7 days now-- and it was much easier than I anticipated!

No more binky's, no more steeling binky's, no more losing binky's, no more fighting over binky's, no more remembering to bring the binky, i love it! 
(it's the small things :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diaper Cakes

I spent yesterday helping a friend make a diaper cake for a babyshower. I feel like I don't get too much time to get crafty and do projects these days... so I thought I'd add these to the "arts & craftiness" part of my blog-- then I can look back and remember that I used to get a little crafty :) 

Here's my diaper cake collection. so far...

these last 2 cake pics where taken by this amazing RockStar photographer: Jerry McGaghey

There are so many tutorials on-line! (I'm really not a good tutorial giving type of person :)

Here are some basics of how I start. I take a giant rubber band and then add the rolled diapers inside of it, to make the layers as wide as you'd like-- sometimes I use a bottle in the middle to start with and add around it. I stick the bamboo sticks in after I have the 3 layers in place- it keeps the layers from shifting.
Also, it's important to add the ribbon around the layers last! after you stick in all your goodies. 

I love to add flowers-- it really fantsy's it up. And my friend added an ingredients list to hers, so the receiver would know what little gifts were in the cake.

The easiest items I've found to use for these cakes are: 
washcloths, bibs, clippers, onesies, small lotions, diaper cream, combs, brushes, hats, glasses, spoons, small rattles, a small book, bottles, pacifiers, bottle brushes, hand sanitizer, wrist rattles, baby girl headbands and then the clip on flowers you can clip on the ribbon for decoration & it looks so cute!