Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fire of the Week #1

Talking about my Fireman skills. Putting out the fires that our 3 boys create is essentially my full-time job right now. I'm not complaining... just stating the facts :) and yes I can still smile about it too - for now.
Some are BIG and some are small. Some make me laugh and some make me cry. 
I thought it might be some what entertaining to dedicate Friday's posts to the 
"Friday Fire of the Week" 
A photo documentation of whatever sort of shenanigans the boys got into that week.

How ironic that our first Friday Fire is an actual firetruck?!? A new tube of toothpaste painted all over the truck and carpet with a comb paintbrush. And the award goes to the artist known as... PRESTON!! 
I totally got my trash kicked on this Monday morning... i despise Monday's!
 aaaaaaaand smile :) 
(and be glad it's not at your house.. or maybe it is??)


The Starr Family said...

If this was our house... I'd be at Starbucks treating myself to something! Just glad to see that somebody else is fighting the fight out there....

Hot Mama said...

Hi! I found you on Mommie Couture and saw you had a house full of boys! I too have a house of boys I have one that will be turning one on Tues the 15th and another little boy coming June 1st! My little man already makes huge messes all by himself so I can only imagine what is going to happen with two! Feel free to check out my blog