Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toy Story 3

took the two older boys to see Toy Story 3 on Ice. So glad we didn't take Kellen... as I watched other parents walking up and down the rows with 1 year olds, screaming, trying to entertain them... bet they were first timers.. first time parents that is... not to be making that mistake again ;)

It exceeded my expectations. very good and would do it again! Kids loved it too.

Adrian enjoying & concentrating on the performances and clapping at every thing possible.. it was great!

My fav! The barbie and ken duets.. they played dream weaver, play that funky music... break free and rescue me. We jammed!

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Eva said...

I went too Disney on Ice with my friends...and yes I'm 27! My friends are huge disney fanatics and we had free tickets :)