Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time Management & Organizing

I'm going to start thinking more about the time I DO HAVE rather than the time I DON'T HAVE and wish I had more of 
(like an extra 5 hours in the day ;) 
In 2011, I AM working on, Time Management, Oraganizing.. yada. yada etc. Doing more with my time. 

It's kind of funny to me when people realize I manage a house hold of 5 which includes 3 small children.  I can see the surprise on their face (if they knew me between age 10 and 25) their probably shocked and thinking wow... Christa from back in the day was not the most organized (at all!) and had no time management skills, I was more of a "wing it" type of girl. Example: I bought a time management book back in college and never made time to finish reading it. I was late to everything (that's still true) and I was a cluttered, unorganized mess 90% of the time. I always felt I had to put in 2x the effort than others did... to be timely and organized. My management degree didn't even come close to preparing me for what my future would hold. But I don't think anything could have. I try hard.. and sometimes really extra hard.. and some days I think I'm not doing so hot, but then there are days where I prevail.... and think "I'm doin pretty darn good" and those are great days! I have more of those days then not, so I should be happy about that. I also realize my house will never be as clean as I would like it and it's not going to be as perfect as I'd like it, those are just facts (until we get our cleaning lady that is ;) always a pipe dream! And when I stop blogging about a cleaning lady... that means we got one!

Here's my first organizing of the year. 
(I hired a babysitter for 3 hours so I could clean/oraganize the basement) Think smart.. work smart, not harder. I could have done it in 8 hours while chasing 3 kids in the basement and trying to keep them out of trouble... but I didn't have the time, so a babysitter was the perfect solution - $ well spent!

The basement is getting there, it's a work in progress.

boxes... I have like 100, this pile is just as wide on all sides. 
Never know when a move is around the corner, so I save boxes. I refuse to beg for boxes again at the grocery store ever again!

My laundry room has come a long way! Kids crafts, art stuff, activities, etc... I've redone this a couple times. I need more drawers to jam pack tho, they are sooo full. These cheap plastic drawers are my friend!

This is what I had to deal with in our guest room (this is what happens when I let things go too much - a total mess!). Which around the holidays this room turned into a toy, junk, christmas present room. The random room!! It's now clean.


Anna said...

Our guest room looks a lot like yours in the photo! It sort of becomes the 'toss stuff we don't know what else to do with' room, especially during the holidays. Great job organizing the kids' arts and craft supplies!

Amy Tranter said...

Christa - great job on your blog! I didn't receive my usual notification email but was just thinking about you and decided to take a look. I love what you've done with. Just know that no matter how "unorganized" you may feel, you are an INSPIRATION to me - you get soo much done, do so many homemade things, are super artsy and make each day fun with your kids. I am always impressed and encouraged to do more when I look at you!
lots of love from your friends in Tampa,
The Tranters. :)