Friday, January 14, 2011

Dinner Made Simple

 I've said before.. work smart, not harder 
(motto for 2011 :) 
Another way I've gained more time with my kids and husband...

You call and order the entrees of your choice and quantities... and they prepare fresh entrees, freeze them  and allllll you have to do is thaw and cook.  It's cheaper than a frozen dinner and equals out to the same price as most foods that I cook in bulk, like lasagna, stuffed shells... etc.
It's the convenience of frozen meals, minus the Billion grams of sodium and who knows what ingredients... and it's all homemade. It's just like you doing it at home yourself, MINUS....

  • the extra groceries you have to buy 
  • looking up recipes 
  • the effort of thinking
  • a lot of prep time  
  • "what should we eat tonight"???

    ALL KIDDING aside.. I have probably saved 8 hrs a week using these entrees 4 or 5 nights a week (when I add it all up.. less shopping, less recipe hunting, less prep time)
    All I have to think about is the side dishes, it's been FANTASTIC! no really! 
    I wish I had done this a long time ago!

    So far we've tried, chicken marsala, veggie lasagna (little bit on the sweet side), spaghetti bake, cranberry sweet & sour meatballs and stuffed broc/cheese tilapia (Normally, John would rather eat cardboard instead of fish... and he ate a whole tilapia fillet!) - they were all very delish! It's not that I hate cooking, but from 4-6 it's chaotic in our house and the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen for an hour or more prepping and cooking. So for now.. this is making our life so much easier! 
    I'm sure they have these type of places all over.. in every city.

    It couldn't get much easier.. each entree comes with directions on how to prepare it and everything needed is all included, even the oil, butter, toppings etc. The meatball meal was the most work I've had to do - rolling the meatballs, but the meat was already mixed, seasoned and had onion added. 
    (if there are ingredients you don't like, you just tell them to nix em)

    Getting ready to toss some Veggie Lasagna in the oven (it would normally take me about 60-90 minutes to make mine) this took me 2 minutes to heat up the oven and toss it in ;) 

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    Trevor said...

    Sounds yummy, not sure if they do that down here.