Monday, January 31, 2011

Date Night.. turned feeding frenzy

great date night... some friends and sushi, turned into consuming way too much RaNdOm food!

round 1, started with sushi, it was DELISH!

Sushi just isn't that filling, so on to Five Guys (best burgers EVER) we headed across the street for round 2.

Here's our friends attempt at a quad burger... he couldn't pass up a dare. 

And round 3 we polished off some Strickland's frozen custard cones. Then stopped at the local mexican watering hole for a beverage before heading home. 
My stomach wasn't sure what I had done to it.. with the jolt of mercury, topped with greasy cow and sugar buzz (all mixed with wine)...  & I still had a great time!!

I have to say that I slept like a baby. One of those really good nights of sleep... and you wake up with imprints all over your face and one eye still sleeps for a little bit longer. It was a nice 20 hours of kid free time :) John and I were almost over due. Although the house was WAY too quiet and I was a little lost when I woke up in the morning... not knowing what to do with myself?!? So, I had free time to pre-blog all this excitement.


The Starr Family said...

Well thankyouverymuch for posting a pic of sushi... on a day when I'm snowed in, in Wooster OHIO!

Did you hear the itsy bitsy rumor in town? That Mike Rose is bringing a House of Hunan to the new Merchants Block? We go to the one in Medina, it has fab sushi (not just the ho-hum stuff!)

Our Little Bubble said...

I love House of Hunan! We are definitely in need of a great place like that. I really hope it happens!!