Sunday, January 30, 2011

Braided Hair

Love, love braided hair! It's cute and I think it looks good on everyone. I did this a couple summers ago a lot, then I forgot about it for a while, but now that my hair is down to my knees.. braiding sections of it takes a lot of the bulk out and tames it. 
First... here are my inspirations:

(pics from google images)

I took a section on each side and braided and wrapped the end with a tiny black rubber band.

i teased the crown of my hair first... Ooophed it up - I'm a major flathead if I don't tease!
Pulled back with a clip OR you can lift up some hair and clip them under it.. so the hair hides the clips (of course you'd have to use a little smaller clip for that)


Anonymous said...

I love braids too. Something different and fun.

Anna said...

Super cute! I might get brave and try this. I'm so bad at trying to style my hair in different ways!