Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year and the Liebster Blog Award

We are about to embark on another New Year!! WhooHoo to that!  
A New Year and adding on a new little face to these fun and goofy pictures.

(they love their pretend glasses, i mean LOVE)

Here's to 2012... I feel the same as I did last New Years and have the same message, 
2011 post: Happy New Year  

** However, I would like to add on more "balance" or "a better juggling act" in 2012
I hope to find the right balance for all the things that I love.


I'm honored to have been presented with the:

Given by to me by: The Floyd Boys 
a new fav too... (thanks Lesley!!)

Now, you might be wondering what the heck is a Liebster Blog Award. I had no idea? It originated in Germany and recognizes up-and-coming bloggers. It is meant to showcase those who have fewer than 200 followers. (Liebster means “ favorite” or “dearest” in German) In the spirit of pay-it-forward... I have picked 4 of my favorite blogs to share from 2011. (and I have so many more, but not enough time)

This was a no brainer. I really, really enjoy this blog! Kate is so fun and creative and has extraordinary decorating taste and awesome DIY tutorials, and adds a little bit of fun family life in between. And she's from my my old neck of the woods, my hometown in Ohio, so that's a bonus and a rare one.

This has been one of my steady follows for some time now. Jenn is sweet, cute, stylish and a newer mom and has a neat creative little website/blog design company called Chirp & Bloom (cute name!) And she's from our former temporary home state of Florida.

Now I didn't follow this award by the book (this blog has a lot more than 200 followers) but it's a wonderful DIY cratfty blog that was a favorite for a long time. It looks as though Tanya has been a little busy but her "tutorial" link is great and has some awesome ideas!! I tried this one out last year Eyelit Trim Belt. It was super easy and added a cute accessory to some of my Blah shirts.

Nicole is a young fun loving spirited blogger and runner. I suppose I live a tad bit vicariously through her young life. She blogs about anything and everything and running too. She was also a great brain to pick when we were moving to CO. She used to attend school here and had wonderful advise to give about the areas. We actually moved to one of the towns she raved about. Through blogs I have discovered once again just how small this world can be. 

It seems that the blogs I enjoy are always changing and growing... it really depends on what's going on in my world. If I'm in a crafty mood then it's DIY and decor blogs, if I'm pregnant than I gravitate towards mom and pregnancy blogs. My taste is ever evolving and that's a good thing... broadening those old horizons of mine :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

I jumped at the chance to put together my top favorite 11 photos of our children of 2011. I thought this would be a fun link-up. It's been nice sifting through pictures from the last year. 
It was very hard to pick just 11!!!

Now for a mini walk down memory lane of 2011.

Our first walk on the new trail in our backyard in CO this past September. I love the mountains and the freedom this picture represents, all three little boys running to the park on the trail. It was a gorgeous day!

Our first visit at the our favorite park down the street from our new neighborhood. Adrian was a monkey that day.

Adrian is so excited about this new baby and just so loving and protective. I think that this picture shows that. And of course the foothills and awesome blue sky in the background are gorgeous.

I like this action shot. Family picture out take. I'm trying to get the kids to stand still, look at the camera, quit goofing around and John is patiently waiting to smile for the 100th picture taken that day. It's just typical... a little chaos mixed with some patients, a laid back dad, a mom with a challenge and a goal of trying for that perfect family picture (or just everyone looking in the same direction would have been satisfying :)

I love how relaxed John is and how much Kellen is enjoying his peaceful time with dad.

All my boys enjoying a sunny day in Ohio right before the big move this summer.

All three boys connecting with one another. Of course... this one is priceless no doubt :) I wish they weren't sporting their jammies tho. 

More brotherly love.

I had to make a dual picture out of this so I could include them both. Preston looks so cute in my brothers hat and I love Kellen's eyes and his unique brown spec. It's such an innocent picture.

It's priceless the way Adrian is looking at my grandma Julia, and she is priceless!

Walking with my little ducklings. 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homestretch: The End is Near!

Is the end getting close for this pregnancy? Perhaps? Maybe? I do think so!!
My prediction is this new baby will bless us shortly after the New Year.

34.4 weeks                                                                   36 weeks

(In just a little more than a week the baby and this belly has popped out at least another inch or 2)

Signs that the end is near:
  • the waddle walk has already begun
  • the cravings for ice cream and carbs are overpowering (as I type this, I just polished off a pint of mocha chocolate chip ice cream, Sooo Yum! thanks Amy & Jeff)
  • I feel the need to cram a bunch of cleaning, nesting, errands, and list making into the next few weeks
  • feel like I borrowed my hips from my 80+ year old grandmother
  • standing up from the sitting position on the floor takes me entirely too long
  • I'm ready to pack my hospital bag
  • I got a great pedicure the other day (can't have jacked up, un-manicured feet for my OB when he delivers)
  • can't keep my eyes open past 8:30
  • breathing is challenging as my lungs feel totally crushed
  • nighttime trips to the potty have doubled, no tripled
  • I've had to break out the belly support band to help hold up the baby/belly
  • I can't tell the difference between growing belly pains and braxton hicks (you'd think after 3 kids this would be a cinch, not so!)
  • moving much slower, like turtle speed 
  • I'm actually sitting down trying to relax for a couple hours each day and that is very unusual for me.
  • I'm starting to get nervous and John's requested that I hold the baby in until Feb or March... oh sure thing!

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    He was here! Cookies & Milk... Ho Ho Ho

    The past couple days we've been preparing to feed the white haired, big belly, red cheeked, jolly old man. I feel like we're having just as much fun as the kids are this year, reliving our childhood dreams of catching Santa in the act and waking up to oodles of gifts under the tree. 

    The best part is eating them. For me and the boys! I was almost sugar shocked and sick after eating a little too much cookie dough and frosting. I had no self control and it's always like this for me these last couple weeks of pregnancy. Weak I am!! So Weak... to sugar and excess of carbs! They are my best friends right now.

    6:45 am Santa has left his gifts, eaten our cookies, drank our milk and left a sweet note.

    A box of kleenex moment!
    The boys listening to a book that was pre-recorded and read by Great Grandma Julia! Yes, a Sob-fest!
    It was so sweet! I'm sure we'll be listening to grandma read this every night to all of us.
    Miss all of our family and friends and hope everyone had a great Christmas!
    Big Hugs and Kisses!!!

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Merry Christmas!!!

    And here it is... this years Christmas card that I opted not to mail out this year. Too tired, too pregnant and I just didn't have the energy.

    From our Family to Yours... 
    We Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and Fantastic New Years!! xoxo

    This Santa was much better than Last Years Santa: 2010. The "she-man" Santa. It was a women with a bad beard. But it was sweet, she tried to be a dude and tried to have a man voice... and we appreciated it!

    And the boys look so little in 2009's Christmas Card.

    Telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas was absolutely priceless to watch. 
    I hope they believe in Saint Nicolas for a very long time because it's just so sweet!

    John tells me that the kids are perfecting his fake "cheeeeese" smile. Yes, it's obvious in these 2 shots :) John, Kellen and Adrian's faces. It usually starts happening around the 20th time I say "say cheeeese" or "show me your teeth." I don't blame them, I am definitely that annoying mom, pathological picture taker!!!

    After our visit with Santa we took the boys out to lunch (we try this about once a month... and it's not always a pleasure, about 50/50 :) Maybe it was the excitement from seeing Santa, I'm not sure... but the boys were on their best behavior and it was probably the best "out to eat" experience with all of them in a long time. It made for a great day! 

    (and now it's documented so when we try this again in January and it's a total nightmare we can look back at this and not lose hope :)

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    X Factor Krajcik Magic: Go Josh!

    Wow, I can't believe (I actually can since he is amazing!) but it was a little surreal watching Josh last night on the Xfactor now in the top 3! His performance was breathtaking and moving. It was so neat to see my former high school on the show last night. No doubt Josh has a BIG following! His voice is wonderful, he is unique and a great, great performer and this is definitely his time to shine! Now we'll patiently wait in anticipation untl 7:00pm Mountain Time tonight to see if he'll win 1st place. Regardless if he wins this show or not I'm certain he'll sign with a big label, make popular records, tour and start getting the recognition he's deserved for the past 15 years. And I have this feeling that we'll be able to watch him perform at the Red Rock Ampatheater in CO someday in the future!! And that my friends would be AWESOME!

    Go Josh, Krajcik Magic, Sing Beast Sing, Beast to Win it!

    In case you need a recap: Josh's Xfactor Audition

    Successfully stretching out my Josh Krajcik T-shirt. We were preparing for the viewing of the show last night.

    Little Josh (Krajcik Magic) fans :)

    Official Fan Page

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Out with the OLD and in with the NEW: A lesson in giving.

    Teaching the meaning of giving. 

    Most of my weekend was spent picking through our current toys with the kids, figuring out what they'd like to give to children in need and what they'd like to keep. I told them that Santa can't bring them more toys because we have no more room. And Santa needs more toys to give to other little kids. It's a wonderful lesson for them to learn and I hope we're successful at raising children that are caring, empathetic, and sympathetic to others. Such an important lesson!

    They took it to the extreme at first... they started throwing ALL of their toys in the bags, overly generous. I had to explain this process a couple more times before they understood it more clearly. I was pleasantly surprised they were willing to give just about anything to the "giving bag" without any hesitation or a fight.

    That green suede stool that doubles for a toy box is my favorite! They are the best dual purpose toy box/seating must haves (Target: about $15 or so). We have three and I usually keep them in the living room so when company comes over we can just toss all the toys in and then it "looks" clean :)

    It's still congested but with 3 little kids, there's just no hiding it all. Their main play area is the landing upstairs so it's sort of hidden from the main view, which is nice.

    I'd like to keep up the "giving" activity and do this 2x a year. Christmas and Spring.

    (2 bags and 1 big box to donate)

    We're ready for Santa baby!

    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Sunday Confessions: My Boys

    This post is a tiny bit daring for me as I teeter back and forth with my blog as to what's too much to put out there and how vulnerable or opinionated do I really want to sound. I admit I love these link-ups, it gives me an excuse to write and post about different things other than the same old, same old.

    So here it goes my first Sunday Confessional blog post.

    The last 8-9 months I've actually enjoyed (no I really have) the look on peoples faces, mostly strangers when they see my growing belly and then find out we have 3 little boys... sometimes it's "wow, another kid", "wow, four of them", "your done, right?" and then it's, "are you hoping for pink?", "oh I bet you'd love a girl", "I bet it's a girl this time around" all of these just make me laugh! Maybe it's because it's towards the end of my pregnancy and I've heard it all by now. The truth is, maybe I'd want a different gender or maybe not? I want a healthy baby first and for most! But the reality is, we really just wanted a big family and... Mission Accomplished :) Now Pink or Blue this baby was planned and created with lot's of love and will be the perfect fit to our family no matter what the gender is.

    And here's the real reason I wrote this today. Yesterday we went to see Santa and the woman in front of us had 4 little kids with her, 2 boys, 2 girls and all about 2 years apart. We ended up chatting and she confessed to me that she wanted 4 boys (no lie!! really!) She said she was rather devastated (her exact words) when her 2nd child was a girl. I was very surprised at this, never would I think a mom would say this. I assumed all moms of boys wouldn't mind a girl in the mix?! I assumed wrong. I felt this sense of comfort talking to her, call it fate or whatever but that conversation with her happened for a reason, I needed that, I needed her to confess that to me. In 3-4 weeks I just might be living this random woman's dream of 4 boys? I feel more ready than ever to have this baby! In the last 2 years, all the time we've contemplated adding on to our family,  I've thought of all the scenarios... a boy or a girl. Will this be our last baby? maybe? probably. If we have four boys, could I see us adopting a girl someday, maybe? If I am an all boy mom will we have lot's of granddaughters, possibly? If this is a girl how would I feel about being a girl mom? I have a soft spot for boys and they can throw a fit and I don't feel the same as when I see a little girl throwing the same tantrum. Weird, I know.

    And my last confession, my least favorite thing to hear someone say when they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant for the second time is this:

    "I already have my boy and I want a girl now, OR I already have my girl and I just want a boy this time"

    What happened to the cliche "just a healthy baby would be great" I really like that one and it would never rub anyone the wrong way. And what about those who have had to endure hurdles of testing, medications and interventions to become pregnant, and then some do and some don't become parents. I bet those comments would be slightly agitating, just like it might be to someone parenting all one gender. Everyone is of course entitled to be picky and to their own opinion. Thank goodness for that. I just chose to share mine today and maybe my Sunday Confession's might be too open book-like, but today I decided that I don't really mind if they are :)

    walking my little basketball team of boys to go see santa yesterday

    "Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour I would die for you, This is the miracle of love" 
    -Maureen Hawkins

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    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Super Hero's and Sugar Highs

    After we took Rachel and Chase to the airport Sunday we continued on with our full weekend and headed to northern Denver for a SUPER HERO BIRTHDAY! Melissa and Adam threw their son Blake a fantab Birthday Partay!! We are very lucky to have met this family... they are all good eggs!

    Kellen loved Blake and Karson's piano.

    What a cool idea, I loved the Super Hero theme! What little boy wouldn't be in heaven?!? The kids had masks and capes and wonderful goody bags filled with super hero treasures gallor.

    We all had so much fun and Preston ate so much frosting that he threw it all up at 2 am. Blue and green  carpet and sheets. Totally my fault... that's what happens when I don't regulate enough and didn't make him eat more dinner before all the sweet stuff. And at one point Kellen wasn't even using his hands, just face diving into his frosting filled cupcake. Sugar can be a parents worst nightmare yet we can't take all that fun away. I mean we could I suppose but who wants to be that evil vilan, no fun parent? On normal (non-birthday party) days I think we do pretty well at cutting back on that kiddy crack-like substance.
    Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!!

    Oh the joys of parenting-- and still learning to parent even after 3 kids. Trial and error... A parent learns a new lesson everyday!!!  

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    Kids Crafty Christmas Tree

    Have I mentioned lately how much my kids love scissors, glue, play-doh and construction paper?!?! 
    We try to squeeze in one crafty project a week. Last week it was a homemade Christmas tree. Oh how do I love the dollar tree :) we get all of our crafty supplies there. Lot's of glitter, poster board, foam, colored popcycle sticks and puff ball thingymagigers.

    Such an in the moment, Adorable Picture!
    Santa Preston... in deep thought contemplating his next play-doh project.

    As simple as cutting, coloring, drawing and gluing can bring so much joy. It's the basic things, the simple things... it's the small things!

    I've found that glue on a paper plate, applied with a Q-tip is much easier and less messy.

    And yes, we do just about everything in our jammies in the morning before school.

    Holiday's are such a great time to incorporate kids crafts and turn it into a teaching lesson about these special days that we celebrate every year.

    Linking up with: 
    Happiness Is... (Handmade)

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Colorado Welcomes Hotlanta

    Such perfect timing... 

    One of my closest friends and her son visited us from Atlanta. It was a great weekend of site seeing, hanging out, playing with the kids and lot's of catching up! It's always a good time when we get together. Rachel has always been one of those "mom" inspirations! She makes being a mom of four kids look so easy.  

    We laughed until our belly's hurt. We stayed up too late (for a tired pregnant woman) and we probably crammed too much into the weekend, but it was fun! And with the baby coming in 4-5 weeks... some good ole girl time was just what my OBGYN ordered.

    Just a tad bit excited for a girl's dinner night out!

    Headed up to lookout point, learned about Buffalo Bill and took some classic cowboy pictures and mountain view pics.

    And an amazing background.

    A view of Downtown Denver from lookout point.

    We took the light rail (my kids thought it was a real train :) to downtown for lunch.


    The boys played in the snow.

    We went to the Botanical Gardens for the light show.

    And a PJ Partay!