Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Putting out Fires

My real full time job is mom, wife, maid, referee, taxi driver, laundry duty and most importantly.. lately, putting out fires, yep I'm a fire woman! If I'm not as prompt at staying in the loop with phone calls, emails etc. - which I pride myself on being fairly good at, this would be the cause: a Full Load 

i hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!! Tis the season to be jolly, merry and uber busy. 

Documentation of some of the latest fires I've been busy putting out..... 

Practicing our letters the fun way! 
This started out real FUN and ended up a mess when Preston started eating the shaving cream then both boys started clapping their hands and spraying it all over my kitchen. This activity lasted a whole 10 minutes. (next time we'll try whip cream i think, at least I won't have to worry about P ingesting it)

 he did this and said "santa clause" - smart guy
 He's an artist in so many ways - our walls, doors and cabinets are slowing getting personalized by him. (And a black sharpie DOES come off of a computer screen!) shocking i know. I'm very thankful!!

 How creative. Adrian wet toilet paper and threw it all over the bathroom, I spent 30 min. cleaning up spit toilet water wads, so GROSS!

the "new bangs" also update the new dew on my "to bangs" post


Mikaela said...

sooo funny! boys will be boys! and I LOVE YOUR BANGS! they are the perfect type for you! hope you all have a merry christmas!!

Jen said...

i agree with mikaela... love the bangs!!

and wowza about the boys and the trouble they get into!! no doubt you are putting out fires!! i hope they don't even start on the real thing!!