Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Visit with Santa

I'm 95% sure he was a she, not like the kids would care or catch on, I didn't at first... but John spotted it immediately, he's talented ;) We met our Grandma JuJu at her retirement facility for lunch and a picture with the jolly red bearded man woman.

So, there's no way to sugar coat it!!... Most of our trips lately with our lil monsters (their name this week ;) have been kind of bad/real bad. Running from us - in 2.. sometimes 3 different directions, ignoring us, Preston laying on the ground and dead weighting all 30lbs of himself,  A and P running immediately to the first snow pile they see and jumping in the middle of it, testing our limits is just their fun lately... but I'd have to say this trip was on the successful side (mostly). I was very shocked and pleased that no one cried at Santa. Adrian told him he wanted a puppy and toy story 3. I can totally deliver on the second one, NO way on the first. I will be looking for a stuffed dog that barks tomorrow ;)

 One smiling on the right
 One smiling on the left
One big chubby smiling... always ;)
 A low five
And a "not so sure what I'm doing on your lap" look

I really wanted to do the Polar Express this year, but John thinks next year would be better.. I kind of have to agree?!

Here's a peak at how small the kids looked last year compared to this 
I feel like in another year or two all 3 of them will be the same height!

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