Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mexican Birthday

We met up with John's family for a little birthday dinner a couple weekends back. John shares the birthday month with his uncles Dan and David. 

If John would have been sporting his weekend crustache.. he might have been mistaken for a server at the Mexican restaurante. Even more so... if it were summer and he had his Romanian tan. 

 Thrilled with the hat ;)
 I thought it was totally weird how they spoon ice cream all over the birthday boys.

Looks like John's uncle Dan enjoyed it ;)

An added bonus picture: John's Grandma Madeline at Thanksgiving (the dinner that only John attended since our house was pink eye infested) His grandma still thought John might be carrying the pink eye virus to Thanksgiving dinner, so she opted for maximum protection with these stylish goggles - she had some rubber gloves too (photo not captured) She wasn't taking any chances...that's certain!
Tooooo funny! She really is a hoot tho!

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Trevor said...

John looks thrilled to have the hat on... OLE!