Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Blog

Why?? I have spent more time than I care to admit following blogs.. reading and learning - hitting "next page" and "older posts". I find it much more interesting than the FB's and other social networks lately- and I sure do learn a heck of a lot more useful information that I can incorporate into my family life. Guilty conscious - of course I should be doing laundry right now or cleaning something since all 4 boys are sleeping - YES ALL 4 of them ;) the big one included. But I will write on here instead- it's better than watching too much reality TV ( Oh.. I do watch it tho ;) A guilty pleasure.
My blog: When it's not about my precious kids or sweet husband I try to post things that are useful and good to know & things that matter to me. And I'm going to try to get more creative on here.

Also, I think a blog is an amazing way to diary a life, my life, and I hope I have it to always look back on.... So in 50 yrs when I don't remember much of anything... I'll have it all right here!

Now let me jump to some personal goals I am documenting right here, right now (I know I'm jumping all over here). So these are not New Years goals, those just never seem to stick or work out the way I invision, so maybe if I put them here, on my blog 3 weeks before NY's then they will stick.. oh yes that's the key ;)

I'm going to take all that spare time I have and sew a quilt with my tiny sewing machine that I have yet to learn to use, I will probably call on a very nice girl named Anna to show me the ropes on it (I have been saying this for over a year now, but today I am serious) here's what I aspire to do:

isn't it adorable?

and running... to start running again (for the 5th time ;) - it's just good therapy, that's it. Just those 2 small things I want to  am adding to my pretty full schedule. 


Anna said...

I have a friend who started a blog in high school, and she still has it! It's great to have a record of what was going on at different times in her/our lives.

I am totally up for helping you with your sewing goal :)

Hypertyper said...

loving the blog, seweing, time mngt, etc. but mostly that first pic of the boys with kellen smiling, he is damn precious, where did our baby go????

JESSICA said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to meet you! I love your blog ~ you have great pictures! I just started blogging & it's been nice to take some time out and reflect on mommyhood & all it's craziness and joy.

Hope you're doing great on your goals. How's the running? I just got a new jogging stroller & am trying to get out there myself. Look forward to reading more on your blog!