Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cousin Jenny -> "Hey Cuz"

We were pleasantly surprised by a visit from our beautiful and quite funny... Cousin Jenny! She was close to town for meetings and squeezed in a little trip to our neck of the woods. We all don't see each other nearly enough.. but that's how it goes when your separated by many... many states. 

Amy, Mikki, Jenny - below Jeff and Keno, & kids

It's great that Kellen has his finger in his nose.. Adrian's ready to call him out on it

I'm pretty photogenic can't you tell?!? both of my pics looked the same, so this is as good as it got for me.

Awe... Cousins - Cuz 

Mikki holding sweet Vivian ;)

JuJu and gang

Lu and Jenny (can you tell we just love Jenny?!)

Kellen just being cute - John calls him a tennis ball in that sweatshirt

(Not really relevant to the mini fam reunion)
this is how we got down later that night after our company left. A restaurant I used to work for had these lava cake desserts that were to die for, this is the closest I've come since ;) yum!!

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Anna said...

Yummy, lava cake! This is the recipe I want to try:

I bought the little oven safe cups, and then never got around to baking the cakes.