Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebrations #3 and #4

What a handsome, handsome trio!

much love Adrian! xoxo to pieces My Man!

Grandma Angie and Pa

Cousin Kaleb is going to be such a great role model for them!

(clearly this pic was taken with my old camera!) blur blur BLUR blah....

P crackin Grandma Honey up!

Brian, super stoked about the Keurig 

Kaleb and Val.... B-eautiful & just glowing in that shirt ;)

Adrian's favorite thing lately is to put on his red vest and hat and pretend to be Santa.  The boys said they were looking for reindeer. We had 5 the other day cross the street from our front yard (bambi... no rudolph)

John bustin a move on the Kinect Dance Central.. love this gift! 
It's got an amazing Fitness workout game... it's just like having a trainer to workout with. Now we just need to borrow some spare time from someone ;)

I'm in LOVE with my new camera! crisp, clear, awesome!
taking a pic in my super sweet Christmas morning jammies.. u like?!? not only can shop for the kids at Children's Place.. but I can also shop for me 
(when I want to dress like a twelve year old -  fun!)

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