Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Celebrations #1 and #2

EXHALE..... I look forward to Christmas as it as soon as it starts getting cold out (which is like September here), then it gets closer, then stressful, then jammed packed with functions and then we blink and it's all over. This year we had 4 celebrations. This means... I took a shower four days in a row, did hair and full makeup, my outfits matched, the whole 9 yards.. what can I say, when you stay at home with 3 little munchkins... showers, baths, shaving, makeup and wearing nice clothes.. become much less frequent than before.

(Pics from #3 & #4 coming soon too)

Sweet G.JuJu and Viv
 My beautiful niece Vivian, just want to squeeeeeeze and cuddle her!

The gang showing off some of grandma Julia's treasures. It's just not Christmas unless my grandma is gifting us with her sometimes random & always fun stuff - I remember one year when my brother got a pair of girls granny panties (prob. supposed to be in my box), a light up poker visor and some nestle quik. Not random at all?!? ;)  My favorite JuJu gift from memory was a pink high heel door stop, which I used and loved.

 Someone invited Papa Smurf ;) sporting some of Grandma Julia's hidden treasures, a pearl necklace and hair towel. Lookin good!!
Sara and Tom - i had to take 3 pics, i think Tom was so over it (my camera really sucked it up that night)
Cousin Geno-nino's backside
Christmas Kisses

John using my new CAMERA he got me... woo hooo... I was so shocked! Now I don't have to complain about my camera anymore, what a relief for everyone.
(yes, his shirt has a giant hot dog on it, a pig, chicken and a cow too) He's into Shirt Woot now.

Cool trippy pic. My mom was standing in front of a lamp and I randomly said to strike a pose. Amazing Aura around her!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and spent it sucking up quality time with loved ones!

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