Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh.. Christmas Tree ('s)

Our very talented Nana LuAnn made the boys their own little Christmas trees. I thought they turned out great! It is totally Christmas in our house already and I love it! It's so warm and cozy and homey, ya know?!

She used a wire tri pod frame for the Christmas tree base, then wrapped the trees in her favorite decor... either the pine strands or other tree/plant filler or vines. Then she filled in sections by wrapping around a thick colored ribbon and Christmas lights. One tree she decorated with candy strands, the others were done in candy canes. They turned out so adorable. And they each have a child's wooden initial that she painted to match. 

Thanks Nana!! xoxo

Ornery Adrian and Nana

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Anna said...

Super cute! You are way ahead of me, I haven't even started decorating.