Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fun Stuff!

Some indoor fun at the local play place. However, there is no way John and I could have done this solo, or just with one parent. These kids were allll over the place! We had to have Adrian and Preston pulled out by some very kind 10yr old boy 2 or 3x, they were drowning in the ball pit (This boy had the best manners and took it upon himself to look after the boys a little bit, I can only hope our boys are as sweet and kind!). And we lost Preston at one point (no worries) just for a couple minutes, we aren't bad parents or anything, really. 

Kellen didn't know what to think?? he only got to go in the mini pit.

These guys were in heaven, here's our munchkin #1 and #2... the arrows ;)

We couldn't get Kellen off of this driving game, he was jamming the gear shift and everything, totally getting into it.

And we bounced... and bounced and bounced into little girls while bumping heads.

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