Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We definitely aren't spending this "day of thanks" how I envisioned... we have 3 little ones with double pink eye and ear infections... topped off with coughing, and I am still so grateful! I am grateful for so many things, I could write a list for days.... but most of all I am grateful for my little family. 

I am grateful for these 2 yeahoos, that make me mad sometimes (a lot lately - testing me.. always!) but crack me up and make me smile more often than not ;)

I am grateful for this always happy guy! even with pink eye and a runny nose he is running around allll smiles and joyfulness, like it ain't no thang.

And most importantly I am thankful for this guy... Well what can I say, without him none of the above would be possible  ;) much love!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fun Stuff!

Some indoor fun at the local play place. However, there is no way John and I could have done this solo, or just with one parent. These kids were allll over the place! We had to have Adrian and Preston pulled out by some very kind 10yr old boy 2 or 3x, they were drowning in the ball pit (This boy had the best manners and took it upon himself to look after the boys a little bit, I can only hope our boys are as sweet and kind!). And we lost Preston at one point (no worries) just for a couple minutes, we aren't bad parents or anything, really. 

Kellen didn't know what to think?? he only got to go in the mini pit.

These guys were in heaven, here's our munchkin #1 and #2... the arrows ;)

We couldn't get Kellen off of this driving game, he was jamming the gear shift and everything, totally getting into it.

And we bounced... and bounced and bounced into little girls while bumping heads.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh.. Christmas Tree ('s)

Our very talented Nana LuAnn made the boys their own little Christmas trees. I thought they turned out great! It is totally Christmas in our house already and I love it! It's so warm and cozy and homey, ya know?!

She used a wire tri pod frame for the Christmas tree base, then wrapped the trees in her favorite decor... either the pine strands or other tree/plant filler or vines. Then she filled in sections by wrapping around a thick colored ribbon and Christmas lights. One tree she decorated with candy strands, the others were done in candy canes. They turned out so adorable. And they each have a child's wooden initial that she painted to match. 

Thanks Nana!! xoxo

Ornery Adrian and Nana

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Books, Legos and a Dollhouse

A successful trip with the boys to the library.. John and I were very pleased.

Priceless pic... I'll have to show the boys when they get older, I'm sure they won't believe me. 
Three little boys in their football jerseys, playing with a dollhouse. lol ;) they're sooo cute!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Artwork Pic Frames - Cool Idea

Thought I'd pass along, what I thought was a cool idea. These nice artwork pic frames. An easy way to display the kids artwork and change it out very easily when you want to, the frame just flips up. 
And it makes it look soooo nice ;)

Found these a couple weeks ago at Walmart and Pat Catan's.

Love, Love this idea! 
more frames we've done

Friday, November 5, 2010

We Can Stay Kids Forever!

This is why we had kids... so we never have to grow up! ;)
Adrian was doing a spelling activity on the computer when I started hearing him making all these weird sounds. So I peeked in on him.. and he somehow pulled up this camera on the mac (which I didn't even know this loaner laptop from John's work had on it) he was just crackin himself up making faces at himself... so I joined in the fun and we took some cool pix ;)