Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

We went to aunt Amy and uncle Jeff's for trick or treating this year. It was a great little neighborhood for the kids! Preston's costume got the most laughs (man riding a chicken) Kellen got the most Awe's - cutiepatootie.... Adrian's was the most realistic, he looked just like a mini policeman! Adrian was cracking us up... he would knock on doors and say "Hellooo, it's the pizza man" (before saying trick or treat) I have no idea where he got this?? But he'd say it in this.. deep man sounding voice, some character he's created because he's been talking in this voice a lot lately. The kid has a great sense of humor!


Amy Tranter said...

handsome as always! cute, cute costumes, and I did laugh out loud at Preston's! :) hope to update my blog or post on FB or something later.

Anna said...

Great costumes!