Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Video Time

 I totally forgot about posting videos on here, it's been a while.
Here's our little sponge Kellen at 15 months old. I can't believe what he picks up from the boys.
His little vocabulary is just taking off. I'll catch some more footage soon and post.

I can't wait to hand out "real" chores when the kids are a little older... I know, I say that a lot ;)

Even my dreams have been consumed with me doing laundry and cleaning... very lame and disappointing dreams I've been having... right?!?!
Someday.. I wish.... to be able to drop off my laundry somewhere and pick it up all clean and folded. And have someone clean my floors and vacuum once a week, that would be a bonus too! oh, someday i dream of it!

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